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Non Religious Wedding Vows

Traditionally a bride and a groom exchange wedding vows during the wedding ceremony. It is a promise of unconditional and unending love and faithfulness for a lifetime. Usually traditional religious weddings dictate the words of a wedding vow. Many couples these days opt for a non religious wedding vow. They either write it on their own or get professional help in writing the most romantic non religious wedding vow for their beloved. Lines of love poems and love song lyrics are also quite popular among couples as a non religious wedding vow. Never forget that your wedding day is the most important day of your life.
If you and your sweetheart are not religious minded persons then you can very easily choose a non religious wedding vow for your wedding ceremony. Of course, such a selection should also depend on the wishes of your family and the mindset of the guests invited. At any cost they should never be offended.
Unlike religious wedding vow, a non religious wedding vow does not have any references to God or any other religious practice. It could be a very good option for couples who have differing religious beliefs. Whatever be the case, the wedding vow should be such that it should reflect your true feelings and come out straight from your heart, touching the life of your beloved forever. Thus you also get an excellent opportunity to explore your creative potential. You can add a touch of romance to your non religious wedding vow by mentioning how you fell in love with your partner. The location of your wedding ceremony would also matter. If this is not your first marriage and
guests from your previous wedding are again invited then you have to keep that in mind when you prepare your non religious wedding vow. You have forever dreamt of your wedding ceremony as a unique one. Then get set about it with a wonderfully written non religious wedding vow. Keep surfing through Dgreetings to get more information on wedding vows.
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