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Valentine's Day in Japan

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Unlike other countries, Valentine’s Day in Japan is celebrated in a unique way with a blend of traditional and modern rituals. In Japan, Valentine’s Day and ‘White Day’ which falls on 14th of March every year virtually signifies as a day associated with love and romance. Japan, popularly known as the ‘land of rising sun’, is world wide famous for its unique historical aspect of great architecture and painting. In fact, Japanese are believed to be true lovers of art, literature and culture. Hectic

arrangements are marked before the arrival of Valentine’s Day and White Day, with young folks gearing up to buy gifts and chocolates for their loved ones.

Valentine’s Day celebrations in Japan are a grand affair, with different festivities taking place round the corner with gift- giving becoming the common custom in Japan.
Valentine’s Day traditions in Japan are marked by a difference as on this day it’s the young Japanese girls give the boys wide ranging chocolate delicacies, better known as "Giri-Choko”, meaning a long term loyalty or obedience towards her beloved. It’s believed that on 14th of March exactly one month after the celebration of Valentine's Day, men are supposed to return back the favor by gifting the woman, of their choice, a box of chocolates in recognition of her benignity.

Valentine’s Day events in Japan are marked by great fun fairs with young couples adorning themselves in bright colored dresses and usually spending time with their family, friends and loved ones. Different fairs are held highlighting amazing live musical performances, folk dances and food festivals especially held on this very occasion of St Valentine’s Day. Brightly decorated streets, shops and malls are some of the major Valentine’s Day attractions in Japan, where people enjoy a worthwhile family outing. So, Valentine’s Day in Japan is an auspicious occasion influenced by different festive activities. offers you more relevant details on Valentine’s Day in Japan.

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