Valentine Gift Ideas for Husband

Valentine's Day is the right opportunity to show your husband how much you love and care for him. On this special day, gift your partner something that he will treasure for years to come.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Husbands

Snack gift baskets:

Gift your husband a basket full of hazelnut chocolate cocoa, sweet butter cookies, wine and cheese biscuits, dry roasted peanuts, and a cheddar cheese straw. You can look for some more stuff like salted pistachios, white cheddar popcorn, and potato chips.

Photo frame:

Gift your husband a beautiful photo frame that comes with a lovely photo of you two. You can choose a photo from a vacation you have enjoyed the most with him. It will serve as a wonderful memory that he will cherish forever.

Homemade sweet treats: Bake a heart-shaped cake or some delicious cookies that will delight your husband and make him feel loved and treasured.

Decorate your bedroom to create a romantic mood:

Get a bag full of streamers, twinkling lights, and hanging hearts and lanterns to adorn your bedroom and give it a perfect romantic look. This is one of the valentine gifts for husbands that can make them feel very special.

As an alternative, you can go for a basket that includes an assortment of nutty chocolates and cookies, hazelnut truffles, and gourmet almonds. A gift basket comprising chocolate caramel peanut clusters, peanut butter delights, and champagne will also delight your husband on this special occasion.

Romantic lunch/dinner cruise:

Explore the beautiful scenery while enjoying a romantic cruise with your beloved on Valentine's Day. Let there be some tasty wine, music, and dance to brighten your day and make it extra special for the both of you.

Spa gift baskets:

One of the popular Valentine gifts for husband is a grooming and spa gift basket that has a sandalwood body bar, a manicure set, a shower gel, body oil, and a peppermint foot lotion with tea tree oil. Your husband will enjoy this gift long after Valentine's Day, too.

Membership at a fitness club:

This Valentine's Day, gift your husband with something that will help him take care of his health. Get him a membership at a fitness club that has all the equipments and the right ambience to spend some quality time in daily workouts.

Personalized iPad case:

Get your husband an iPad case made of quality black leather with a black velvet interior. You can customize this iPad case by having your husband's initials engraved on it in gold or silver. Your partner will love this gift from you, and he will be assured that his iPad is protected with this case when he is traveling for business purposes.


One of the valentine gifts for husbands is a camcorder equipped with the latest features. You can choose the Sony MHS-PM5 bloggie HD Video Camera which can help your spouse record 5 MP and 1920x1080 HD still images. Such a camcorder comes with PMB portable software that helps in easy uploading to web.

As an alternative, you can gift a Contour HD 1080P Helmet Camera that has full HD recording and a 5 Megapixel sensor. There is an internal microphone as well.

Plan a weekend vacation:

Surprise your husband this Valentine's Day by sharing your plans for a weekend vacation. Choose a romantic secluded beach where you can have a great time with your spouse, exploring the scenery and sharing cozy moments just to rekindle the romance between the two of you. Don't wait for your husband to make all the arrangements. Instead, take charge of the situation yourself and plan the vacation as perfectly as you can.

Gifts and sweet exchanges of wishes help to keep the love and romance in couples alive. So, while you get your husband an exciting present, get him a Valentine's Day card with a warm wish he is sure to cherish forever.


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