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Valentine's Day In Australia

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Valentine’s Day is a festival that celebrates and epitomizes the beautiful bond of love and romance. It falls every year on 14th February and is observed as a commemoration of the martyrdom of St Valentine. Valentine’s Day in Australia is observed with great fun fair with people exchanging Valentine wishes between their friends, family and beloved’s. Australia is deemed to be a popular romantic destination; hence Valentine’s Day jubilations are marked with huge festive fervor.

Over the years, Australia has exhibited itself as a pot pourri of art, painting, music and wonderful romance with its unmatched picturesque landscapes and marvelous natural sight seeing.

In earlier days, Valentine’s Day celebrations in Australia were marked by extravagant festivities all round, as it was believed that due to the new wealth found on Ballarat gold mines, the miners ordered lavish Valentine gifts,
sweets and ornamented flowers which adorned almost all the rich villas and posh streets of the cities of Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra. With the passage of time, Valentine’s Day traditions in Australia, has undergone some changes though the particular essence remains same with people buying greetings, gifts and specially designed Valentine chocolates for their loved ones.

Various Valentine’s Day events in Australia takes place with weeklong music carnivals and amateur theatre fests in the cities of Adelaide, Perth and Sydney. Valentine’s Day festivities in Australia witnesses crowd pulling mega multi cultural events depicting the original art and craft activities, fun celebrity valentine shows and amazing sports competitions. Since Valentine’s Day in Australia is a holiday, people opt for family outings and rejuvenate the day by spending with their close family members and friends. So Valentine’s Day is a truly a grand festival in Australia.

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