Valentine's Day Roses

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, million hearts are fluttering to frenzy, wild with speculations as to what flower could best woo a sweetheart. The most tried and tested partner is obviously rose and nothing could light up the heart better than a prosperous bouquet of lush, red love buds in full bloom.

Which girl wouldn't relish making a small show of amused surprise in front of office peers on receiving a bouquet of roses? With due regards to the iconic rose, one may try using other flowers as well that are equally beautiful and capable of winning hearts.

Peonies and Daisies in Tree Bark Vase:

The combination is a deadly duo with PeeGee Hydrangeas tucked in between that helps add some humor and pep up romance. Wrap it up with cute brown ribbons at the base and tuck inside a birch-bark vase. To spark more romance, crave out initials on the tree trunk.

Pail Full of Posies:

Fill your bucket with blooming delight and pile up a dozen flowers together for a truly power packed punch. You can be a little innovative and decorate the bucket well with swanky wallpapers. Trim the tips and insert the bunch in lukewarm water. You are all set now for some real red romance.

Rose Heart Arrangement:

Your florist could help to make a beautiful heart shaped garland embellished with fresh, blood red, roses studded on pristine white floral foam. Green leaves must intertwined beautifully as if to proclaim the relentless spirit of youth.

Roses in Ribbon Box:

"Variety is the spice of life" and there is no harm indulging for once in different coloured roses for your bouquet including the classic red and pinks. There is a huge scope to choose from a hundred hues and you can impress your love better with your novelty. Arrange them in a ribbon box for a stand out impression.

Tall Flower Arrangement:

Arrange for a dozen of slender, flute vases. On Valentine's Day, decorate your bedrooms, dining room and living spaces artfully by teaming up individual vase with single long stemmed rose. The rooms will reflect vibrancy and warmth.

Candy Hearts Decoration:

Ever thought of combining flowers with candy hearts? Colourful "candy" hearts tucked intertwined seductively with blossoming nerine lilies and parrot tulips can make your love go gaga great delight.

Airy Orchid Arrangement:

This could be an off-beat way to allure your love and adorn your posy with natural leaves that look like rich green ribbons. Embellish your token of love further with delicate grass blades forming a loop around different hued orchids.

Carnations in Cone:

A décor of dreams with bunch of carnations tied neatly inside a paper cone to steal the show. Tie a neatly looped nice ribbon around the cone and your bouquet is ready to be placed around door handles, back of your chair or just below your chandelier.

Mixed Flower Bouquet in Chocolate Wrapper:

If you are not a purist who's hell bent on making an impression with the traditional pink and red of Valentine's day, pick up the fresh oriental lilies for a much needed change. Handy with a wide assortment of pinks, whites and burgundies lilies look gorgeous and go really well with roses. Add some spice to your mixed bag with copious use of iris, snapdragon, sweet peas and daisies. Your bouquet would look beautiful with the lush hues of these beautiful flowers and melt the hardest of hearts. You can even add some mint leaves to bring some fragrance in your relationship and thereafter cherish your baby's thousand watt smile which is sure to follow suit. Put the bouquet in a vase that is wrapped to resemble a box of chocolate.

Floating Candle Centrepieces with Flowers:

If you are treating your beloved with home-cooked dinner, decorate your table with shallow bowls filled with amaryllis blooms around the floating candles. Even full-bloomed flowers, such as peonies, chrysanthemums, or carnations, work beautifully in oversized floating centerpieces. To add more character, add colourful artificial water pearls, crystals, marbles, translucent stones or prisms to the container.

Two-in-One Arrangement:

You can win your way to your partner's heart by handing over a bouquet of fragrant flowers and big box of chocolates. Now here's a unique idea. Fill a wide glass vase with dark chocolate candies at the bottom adorned with aromatic tulip blooms in different shades of pink, yellow, red, purple and white.

Rose Petal Bath:

Gift your mate a relaxing, romantic bubble bath filled with rose petals and floating candles. Next, scatter rose petals all the bed and floor. Do not forget to use silk sheets on the fluffy bed.

Floating Hearts:

Weave a heart with pale shade of mums, carnations, and hyacinths and float it in the centerpiece's water.

Valentine Wreath:

If you have fallen in love, there's no better gift than a big, full heart –shaped wreath made with cockscomb wreath to express your love for a darling.

Beautiful Blooming Plants:

The very idea of presenting a plant is highly romantic and products are galore in the market. You can buy Spathyphillum (peace lily), Cylcamen, Kalanchoes and Azaleas and choose between wide varieties of plants. Plants stay intact for quite a while and therefore the fragrance of your love won't fade out so easily this time. Your florist can help you combine the best of flowers with your plant and make yourbouquet look elegant, a true feast for the eyes.

A Vibrant Potpourri:

A delightful potpourri of flowers with stems bound together looks best when kept in a crystal or glass vessel. Ideally you can use garden roses, Pinochhio, Pompons, Sweet Peas and Freecias. No matter what combination you use the flowers will serve as the most romantic backdrop of your love saga. You can make this memorable by adding a small handwritten note of love containing sweet nothings that you say when in love. This'll remain your loved ones most prized treasure until the end of time.

Just imagine! On the beautiful morning of Valentine's Day, your beloved rises from her beauty sleep and views hundreds of romantic red roses surrounding her bed symbolizing your undying love for her. Now imagine the nice cherished smile, which would adorn her beautiful face and would reflect the happiness felt by her. Just the imagination of this scene is enough to bring a sense of satisfaction to your heart.

Romantic Roses

Thus the beautiful romantic roses can be used as the perfect means for making the Valentine's Day all the more special for your beloved.

The beauty of rose flower has always impressed the lovers and thus since the time immemorial, the romantic roses have been used as perfect epitome of the lover's selfless love for each other.

In fact the rose flowers are such an integral part of the Valentine's Day celebrations that everything associated with the celebrations of the Valentine's Day is bound to include the rose flower in one way or the other. Apart from the rose flower bouquet, the designs on Valentine's Day cards, Valentine's Day cookies and Valentine's Day dresses can be found to revolve around the rose flower.

The rose flower is so special and so exquisite that it is not at all possible to capture its beauty in the forms of words. Though many poets and writes have tried their best to express the beauty of roses in their words and many have succeeded in their attempt also but then also no one till date has been able to verbalize the real beauty of the rose flower through appropriate words. May be this inability of the humans to express the beauty of the rose flowers in words is the reason which can be credited for the rising popularity of the romantic roses among humans as we humans have the habit of getting interested in those things which are mysterious to us.

Roses for Valentines Day

The roses are so famous with humans that these flowers are not only used for Valentine's Day celebrations but also for other special occasions related to human life like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, engagements, friendship day's celebrations and many more occasions. It is not that other flowers are not at all used by the mankind for greeting one another on special occasions but according to common surveys and researches, the rose flowers have always been the favorites for humans as according to a common belief nothing expresses better than roses for Valentines Day!

The nature has also been favorable for the mankind, as many different varieties of the rose flowers have been gifted by the beloved Mother Nature to humans. Red, black, pink, yellow, white, blue, you name the color and that colored rose flower can be found. But all the colored rose flowers cannot be used for symbolizing the love feelings as some of these rose flowers symbolize the feelings like friendship, compassion, appreciation and even hatred. Thus you need to be extra cautious while selecting the color of the rose if you want the rose flowers to verbalize your love emotions for that particular person who brought the sunshine of love in your colorless life.

As the Valentine's Day is drawing near and all the lovers out there would come out in search of elegant roses, we at dgreetings have also come up with relevant pieces of information and ideas for Valentine roses, so that this information can be of great help to all those people who are in search of the perfect Valentine roses for representing their pious feelings of love for their cherished lovers on the Valentine's Day, the Christmas season for lovers.


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