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You have been trying to impress that lovely and beautiful girl in your college, company or neighborhood but have not been that lucky. Every sincere and serious attempt from your side has proved to be futile! Though there is no dearth of charm in your ways of dealing with your love but then also you have not been able to cast a strong love spell on her. Well, no need to loose heart, as we have come up with certain fruitful tips and ideas that can help you in impressing your ladylove and that too in an elegant and graceful manner.

These relevant and useful ideas would surely lend a helping hand in making way to your darling’s heart. So make use of these tips and make that girl next door fall for you!!

  • Always try to make an eye contact before you approach the girl. Making an eye contact with the girl would help you in developing a confidence in yourself and would also help you in judging the way she responds. If the girl holds your gaze, then you can very well go ahead in talking to her.

  • Never express your interest in both her and her friend as well. It is a common fact that every woman likes being the center of attraction. So follow this fact and don’t make things difficult for yourself by showing your interest both for her and for her friend. Secondly the girl can feel offended and neglected if you show interest in her friend in place of her.

  • It is advisable not to make use of clichéd and pre-packaged pickup lines, as it will either make you appear desperate to find a date or inexperienced. The best thing instead would be to be truthful and honest with the girl. Sincerity can do wonders, which any pre-prepared lines can never do.

  • Another best thing would be to pay good and thoughtful compliments to the girl. Pay compliments on her dressing sense, her looks and her talking style or on anything which you like best in her. But keep in mind the thing that the compliments paid by you should be sincere and honest.

  • According to experienced lovers, you should always approach a girl in places other than nightclubs. As a girl used to visiting nightclubs is also used to being approached by all kind of men and she can be very well prepared with all her armor for you and it can become difficult for you to impress her.

    These valuable and constructive tips would never let you down and would surely help you in making a special place for yourself in the heart of the girl whom you love.

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