Love Compatibility Test

1. You have a family get-together and you want her or him to meet your folks. Your partner..

a) Is all excited and begins to plan the meeting

b) Says that he or she would definitely try and make time for the meeting

c) Says that he or she would like to have some more time before meeting your family

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2. It is your birthday and your partner gifts you something. It would be:

a)   Something that you have always wanted to have and talked about it on one of your older dates

b)  An expensive piece or jewelry or some other precious article

c)   Your partner asks you what you want and takes you along for shopping

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3. What do your friends think of you as a couple?

a) They are envious and would want to have a similar relationship with their partners

b) They think you are a nice couple but would not necessarily want to emulate you

c) They usually refrain from commenting on your relationship

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4. You face a crisis in your job or family. How would you approach your partner?

a) Your partner would be the first person you talk to without the fear of being judged 

b) You try and figure out the solution yourself before approaching your partner

c) You don't feel like sharing the crisis with your partner because you feel that it could damage your relationship

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5.How many times a day do you talk to each other?

a) It really does not matter but you make an effort to talk at least once every day

b) You "need" to talk to each other many times every day in order to feel secure in the relationship

c) You drop text messages but do not necessarily make an effort to talk

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6. You have had a bad fight. What follows?

a) You argue and shout at each other but forget about the incident after making up

b) You harbor a grudge and recall all your previous fights

c) You block your partner's number on your phone and vanish out of each other's lives for a while

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7. Your ex makes an appearance when you are having a romantic dinner with your present partner. How do you react?

a) You tell your partner that your ex is here and introduce him or her; nothing changes in the way your date is progressing

b) You introduce him or her as an old friend and don't mention about the previous relationship

c) You try and hide under the table

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8. You are promoted in your job and your salary is much more than your partner's. Your partner..

a) Hugs you and takes you for a celebratory dinner

b) Gives a stiff smile and congratulates you

c) Struggles to behave normally but sulks visibly

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9. Your partner is away on a business trip and does not pick your calls. You..

a) Leave a voice message and wait for the call

b) Get agitated and ring your partner incessantly

c) Begin to wonder whether your partner is cheating on you

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10. Both of you are with a group of friends and your partner passes a snide comment at you or criticizes you and you are hurt. What would be your reaction?

a) You stay cool but tell your partner at home that you don't appreciate such behaviour in public

b) You pull yourself away from the crowd and avoid your partner all evening

c) You yell back at your partner right there and show how hurt you are

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11. You take your partner to a gathering and he or she does something embarrassing. What would be your reaction?

a) You would remain with your partner all evening irrespective of the sniggers from others

b) You grab your partner and get out of the party

c) You maintain your distance and don't bother introducing him or her as your partner

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12. You have a free weekend together after a very long time. How would you want to spend it?

a) Go fishing or on a long leisurely drive and use the time to catch up with each other

b) Plan a movie, go shopping and have dinner

c) Take your partner to the club and party with friends

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13. A sports match you have been waiting for falls on your partner's birthday. What would you do?

a) Skip the match and spend the time with your partner (you can watch it on the YouTube later on)

b) Plan a sports theme party and make the match a part of your celebration

c) Try and convince your partner to postpone the celebration to the weekend

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14. You get a new extremely attractive and efficient person as an assistant. What would you do?

a) Tell your partner how lucky you are to have an assistant who is so efficient

b) Hide this new development from your partner

c) Start thinking about the assistant when you have dinner with your partner

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15. In the same situation as in Q#14, how would you react if your partner tells you about the new assistant?

a) You would show interest in getting to know the person

b) Feel jealous and become irritable

c) Warn your partner to keep things strictly professional 


Love Assessment

Mostly "A"s

You are in a lovely relationship and you should cherish it. The both of you are practical and realistic about your relationship, which is a great thing for any couple. More importantly, there is a sense of security in the both of you and this security is the underlying strength of your relationship.

Mostly "B"s

Your relationship has potential. You could make it work. But there are also chances of a breakup because your personalities are not seamlessly matched. You still have a distance to go before reaching that "perfectly at ease" zone in a relationship.

Mostly "C"s

If you are trying to make it work, you are wasting your time because you are sitting on a ticking time bomb. You are too incompatible. It is better to call it quits now than to suffer a major heartbreak later on in the relationship. 

Last Updated: 6th November, 2017