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Jealous Love

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You are in a mall with your set of friends having the best time of your life. Well the phone rings and your sweet and caring girlfriend is on the other end. You talk to her telling about your small trip to the mall and then after some time hang up the phone. The phone rings again and again and again and every time it is your thoughtful girlfriend asking about who are the friends you are with, for how long are you going to be in the mall, why didn’t you tell her about this meeting of yours. Well does it ring a bell??? Yes unfortunately you are facing an Jealous lover who wants to be a part of every minute thing you do and even gets jealous if you talk to any friend of yours.

Such jealousy from your partner’s side can be fatal and can lead to the extraction of love from both your life as well as your love relationship. The reason may be that love as an emotion often leads to the generation of high intensity of dependency, which again gives rise to the feeling of insecurity in people. A broken relationship in the past life of your beloved could also be a reason for the rising feeling of insecurities in your darling’s heart.

So what should you do? Should you come out of the relationship? No, this would not be a wise thing to do! Chances are that things may not be that bad and a little bit of damage control could help you in taking control of the things. Well here are a few tips and ideas for the lovers who are facing envious beloveds.

  • It is always better to make clear statements about the level of interference in each other’s lives in the beginning only.

  • Make your beloved feel that you admire his/her questions to a certain extent but some of the things are surely off limits.

  • Be tactful while doing so and also explain your reasons for doing so otherwise there are full chances that you would hurt your partner’s tender feelings.

  • Simple statements explaining the logic behind your displeasure could strongly convey the message to your beloved that his/her behavior pattern is having an opposite effect than intended.

  • Jealousy just does not come up in a relationship suddenly. It always remains there but the need remains only to keep a check on it and to take preventive measures in the beginning only.

  • Try to show your beloved the exact difference between interference and concern in a polite way. It is always better to be communicative rather than suffer at the hands of your sweetheart’s jealousy.

  • Always try and avoid heated arguments relating to the matters of interference, as this could prove fatal for the relationship. So make use of these simple tactics and keep the pangs of jealousy far away from your relationship.

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