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Love at first Sight

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Love at first sight!! How fascinating and beautiful it sounds! Well, love has often been defined as a wildflower, which could bloom in any and every place to spread a nice and mesmerizing fragrance. But can love really happen at first sight? Does there always remain the need of a perfect ambiance for romance to take shape! Well according to the latest trends, yes! Love can happen at first sight and there is no need of any special place for romance to click between two people.

In fact the youth of today is falling in love with each other at all those places, which could never have been regarded as appropriate for tender romantic feelings to bloom. Today meeting up one’s dream lover is regarded as easy as enrolling for the art class or visiting the nearby club. According to a recent survey youngsters are meeting up at places like salsa classes, same workstations, computer classes, pubs, training programmes…

Even cruises are working as romantic hubs for people who regard cruises to be a perfect place for taking vacations. Though the idea of strangers meeting on cruises and falling in love has often been depicted in movies but nowadays this is a common scenario. The reason may be that being among strangers provides a perfect outlet for the romantic feelings of people and thus more and more people who have never met each other are falling in love and that too in first meetings!!

The other reason may be that at these places the restrictions are few and freshness of the love experience adds to the thrill of the moment. More and more instances of people falling in love can be found among the trekking groups. In fact it has recently been experienced that trekking brings more and more people together and often these trekking sessions end up in sweet love stories. But the question arises as to what is so special in these trekking sessions? Why more and more people are falling for each other while undergoing trekking only??

Well it may be that when two complete strangers in the same trekking group are out in the open and are exposed to the same exquisite natural sceneries, it’s very much normal for feelings to get sparked off! And adventure circumstances have always known to create a special bonding among the co-travelers. In some cases this bonding turns into pious love while in some the situation does not remain so fortunate.

Trekking is only one excuse as people are also pairing off in gyms and fitness centers and even yoga classes. Many affairs are getting shaped up in the close proximities of the gym rooms. But the question arises as to do these romantic affairs last for long or they remain limited to the places only? Well the answer has to be found by the youngsters of today only who are more and more falling for the love at first sights experiences.

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