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Ageless Love

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What is love? How do we actually define this particular word, feeling or emotion? Different people have different perceptions about love as some call it a pure and pious feeling while some term it as an emotion that gives rise to a sense of freedom in the lover’s heart. But then why do we try to create boundaries in love? Why do we raise the eyebrows if people from different age groups or different backgrounds fall in love?

Ageless Romantic Love

In fact the concept of people belonging to different age groups falling in love with each other is not a new thing. It existed during the time of our grand parents, parents and will surely be there when our kids would be the same age as ours. Well whether we agree to it or not but we do have problems when people of different age groups start a romantic relationships. But what is it that makes people of diverse age groups fall in love with each other? Do these relationships actually work?

It’s often said that everything is fair in love and war, so why not the age difference? In fact according to some experienced lovers, the age difference doesn’t actually play a significant role in a love relationship. A romantic relationship is all about adjustments and if the two lovers are able to fulfill these adjustments, then this relationship can no doubt bloom like any other love affair.

Some lovers believe that it is the sense of adventure that often brings people from various age groups together in a love liaison. However such a relationship comes packaged with its own set of rules that need to be followed by both the lovers to make it work. First of all both the persons in such a relationship need to take care of the emotional needs of their partners.

Secondly, it is not at all necessary that only the man should be older in love relationships. Older woman in a relationship can also add a touch of excitement to the love bond. Ask men and they will come up with a whole lot of good things about woman being older in a relationship. The best part about the lady being older in the love affair is that the older women are well organized and well defined and hence they possess the ability to give a positive touch to the relationship.

Above all older women are very much clear about what they want and what are their priorities in a relationship and hence they are able to have a complete and dignified control over the relationship.

Slowly the society has also started accepting these unusual looking but successful relationships and you can find more and more people coming from different age groups and starting love relationships. After all love knows no boundaries and no restrictions!!

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