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Independence Day! It is the independence day of America which is celebrated on 4th July. It happens to be an American holiday that is celebrated annually honoring the acceptance of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

It was on this special day that the original 13 colonies alienated themselves from Great Britain, and stated their independence. The 4th July symbols usually mark the festive mood of the occasion and helps masses of the nation delve deep into celebration. 4th July celebrations usually center around picnics, parades, and vibrant fireworks and customary 4th July dresses. As it is a public holiday in whole of America, everybody should give proper importance to the symbols of 4th July such that the importance of the occasion is realized. Do not mark this holiday just by realizing the importance of America’s independence but also give proper value to family and friends and enjoy togetherness. It is fun time and necessary arrangements should be made make the Fourth of July symbols more vibrant. There could be loads of creative 4th July symbols that employ your imagination – be it whatever, just make sure that the celebration resonates for the years to come.

Symbols of Fourth of July
This day is considered to be a patriotic
holiday – so the colors and the symbols of 4th July rule America. The colors in the American Flag are the dominant symbols of 4th July – ranging from stars, stripes, red, white, and blue.

The theme of 4th July celebrations should focus around the symbols of 4th July – overflowing with 4th July party decorations, special dishes, and crafty gifts. The colors that rule the 4th July theme are green, yellow and pink. They are all vibrant and bold – they are all surely vibrant and bold.
The other popular symbols of 4th July comprise of the American Flag, Uncle Sam, Statue of Liberty, fireworks and colorful explosions, marching bands, parades, and batons. Symbols can be anything creative which involves your imagination. Make symbols out of paper, finger paints, wood cutouts, and crayons. They all can turn out to be really very creative. Other American Independence Day symbols include flags, patriotic pinwheels, colored beaded jewelry and decorative items, Uncle Sam posters, tissue paper flowers

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