Ugadi Wishes

Ugadi is a special occasion for the people of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. This is because it is a day for starting a new calendar year.

So, it is New Year for the people of these 2 states in India. Not that this occasion is not observed in other corners of the world.
But anywhere around the globe where people belonging to these 2 states reside, Ugadi is celebrated with great joy.

So, whether your loved ones are staying away from you or stay right next door, it is customary to send Ugadi wishes to everyone. So, how will you put across your message of love and joy on this auspicious day?

You donít have to worry about sending wishes on Ugadi especially when you know your greetings can reach your dear ones in less than 10 seconds!

How will you send Ugadi wishes?

Generally speaking, there is no better way than to send an e-card. These get delivered in less than a couple of seconds. Since you are sending them from a website, it is not that you have to send what you get. You have the liberty to choose your own music, sometimes images, and make the Ugadi wishes personalized as per your choice.

So, the e-cards donít offer you a standard format. You have the option of adding your own thoughts and good wishes.

Text messages versus E-cards for Ugadi wishes

There is one advantage of sending Ugadi wishes through cards.

Since most of the websites have a wide collection of these cards, you can choose the one you like and send it.

The other way you can send your wishes on Ugadi to your dear ones is by sending a text message on your cell phone.

It is very common to receive a number of text messages from other friends. So, you can forward these wishes in case you are not able to create your own. But your options are less. In case you donít receive messages, you have to hunt for words to create your own

messages. Moreover, the warmth that is radiated by sending Ugadi wishes through e-cards is much more as compared to sending a text message. This is because a text message does not have the visuals so it may not be as effective as an e-card.

Other ways to express your good wishes on Ugadi

There are few other ways you can send across your good wishes. These are of course through hand written letters. Although there are very few people who actually have the time to write letters, nevertheless, it remains as one of the best ways to communicate with your loved ones even today.

Another way of spreading love and good wishes on Ugadi is sending fresh flowers to your friends or relatives. But you have to fix it up with a florist well in advance. Give the florist the address where it needs to be delivered. Along with the flowers you can send a packet of sweets and a card.