Thanksgiving Hymns

Traditional Thanksgiving Hymns

  1. Bountiful Har­vest
  2. O Give Thanks to Him Who Made
  3. O King of Kings, O Lord of Hosts
  4. O Lord, All Glor­i­ous, Life of Life
  5. O Ren­der Thanks to God Above
  6. Give Thanks
  7. Give Thanks to God, for Good Is He
  8. Give Thanks to God, In­voke His Name
  9. Give Thanks to God the Lord
  10. Give Thanks un­to the Lord, Je­ho­vah
  11. God Opens Wide His Hand
  12. O Sing to the Lord, Whose Boun­ti­ful Hand
  13. O Thou Whose Boun­ty Fills My Cup
  14. Praise, O Praise Our God and King
  15. Praise to God, Im­mor­tal Praise
  16. Rejoice To­day with One Ac­cord
  17. Come, Ye Thank­ful Peo­ple, Come
  18. Creation’s Lord, We Give Thee Thanks
  19. Father, Whate’er of Earth­ly Bliss
  20. For All the Bless­ings of the Year
  21. Fountain of Mer­cies, God of Love
  22. Thy Boun­ties, Gra­cious Lord
  23. To Thee, Eter­nal Soul, Be Praise!
  24. To Thee, O God, We Ren­der Thanks
  25. To Thee, O Lord, Our Hearts We Raise
  26. We Bless the Lord, the Just, the Good
  27. We Bless Thee, Lord
  28. We Ga­ther To­ge­ther
  29. We Lift Our Hearts in Thanks To­day
  30. We Plow the Fields
  31. We Thank Thee, Lord, for This Fair Earth
  32. We Thank Thee, Our Fa­ther
  33. God the Fa­ther! Whose Cre­a­tion
  34. Good Is the Lord, the Heav’n­ly King
  35. Grace Be­fore Meat
  36. Great God of Na­tions, Now to Thee
  37. How Good It Is to Thank the Lord
  38. In Our Day of Thanks­giv­ing
  39. Is This the Kind Re­turn?
  40. King of Kings
  41. Let Ev­ery Tongue My Sav­ior Praise
  42. Lord of the Har­vest, Once Again
  43. Lord, We Thank Thee for the Plea­sure
  44. My God, I Thank Thee
  45. Not Alone for Mighty Em­pire
  46. Now Our God
  47. Now Thank We All Our God
  48. Sing to the Lord of Har­vest
  49. Sower Went Forth Sow­ing, The
  50. Thank Him for the Sun­shine
  51. Thankfulness
  52. Thanks to God
  53. Thanksgiving, The
  54. Thou Gra­cious Pow­er
  55. Thou Vis­it­eth the Earth
  56. We Thank You, Lord
  57. What Our Fa­ther Does Is Well
  58. What Shall I Ren­der to My God (Watts)
  59. What Shall I Ren­der to My God (Wes­ley)
  60. Whole-Hearted Thanks­giv­ing to Thee I Will Bring
  61. Let All Things Now Living
  62. My Gratitude Now Accept, O God
  63. Praise Our God Abov
  64. In the Lord I'll Be Ever Thankful
  65. Give Thanks for Life
  66. Praise and Thanksgiving
  67. As the Sun Doth Daily Rise
  68. Come, Ye Thankful People, Come
  69. Food to Pilgrims Given
  70. For the Beauty of the Earth

Hymns are written for the purpose of praise, adoration, or prayer and is addressed to God. Christian Hymns are often written with special or seasonal themes and these are used on holy days such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and the Feast of All saints.

The Thanksgiving Hymns and songs in the collection includes 'Now Thank We All Our God' written by Martin Rinkart in circa 1636, 'Lone Pilgrim' written and composed by Bob Dylan, 'Faith Of Our Fathers' written by Frederick W. Faber in 1849, 'Count Your Blessings' by Johnson Oatman, Jr., in 1897, 'I'm A Pilgrim' written by Mary S. Shindler in 1841 and 'Thanks To God' written in Swedish by August L. Storm in 1891 and translated to English by Carl E. Backstrom.

The collection of Thanksgiving Harvest Hymns includes, 'For The Beauty Of The Earth' written by Folliot S. Pierpoint and revised by Orby Shipley in 1864 has the essence of Thanksgiving Day in its beautiful lyrics. 'Ten Thousand Thanks To Jesus' was written by Matilda C. Day while 'Lord Jesus, We Give Thanks To Thee' was penned by Christoph Fischer in 1597. 'O Lord, Our Father, Thanks To Thee' was the German song by Cyriacus Schneegass written in 1597 and later got translated to English by August Crull in 1880.

The lyricist Leonard Bacon wrote 'O God, Beneath Thy Guiding Hand' in 1833. 'Come, Ye Thankful People, Come' was penned by Henry Alford in 1844 for 'Psalms and Hymns'. 'Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah' was originally penned by William Williams in 1745 and was translated from Welsh to English to 'Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer' by Peter Williams in 1771. The Welsh version of the hymn was sung in the 1941 Academy Award winning movie 'How Green Was My Valley?' while its English version was sung at the funeral of Princess Diana in 1997.


Last Updated: 22nd November, 2017