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A small word of encouragement does wonders for all. Send these Encouragement Cards and support your friends and family n tough times. With these Encouragement Ecards you can be sure to bring a smile on those tense faces. Send these Greeting Cards absolutely free!!

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Encouragement Card
How strong you stand...
People will hate you, rate you.

Stop dreaming...
Stop dreaming start doing

Have faith
I am a strong person..
I am a strong person but every now and then..
Encouragement Card Don't give up..
Don't give up on your dreams...

Encouragement Card
The greatest achievement ....
The greatest achievement accomplishment ...

Catch your dream.
Catch your dream
If you really want to catch your dream

Friends Card
You dared..
You dared to stand next to a failed nobody.. .

Encouragement Card
Success is never.
Success is never final. Failure is is never fatal...

Encouragement Card
Dont be afraid ..
Dont be afraid to stand for what you believe in...

Have faith
Have faith.
Have faith in yourself...

Encouragement Card
Victory is won ..
Victory is won not in miles but in inches...

Set Your Goal today
Don't give up....
Challenges makes you more...

Set Your Goal today
Just donít give up..
Every dark cloud has a silver lining...

Friends Card
If you have no one to encourage...
Encourage your self and use that as a reason...

Encouragement Card
You are capable of
If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse...

Set Your Goal today
Believe in yourself..
The key to success lies in you...

Friends Card
Believe that life...
Believe that life is worth living.....

Set Your Goal today
With success and fame..
May your future go as bright as the afternoon sun...

Encouragement Card
Sunshine of victory..
Sunshine of victory is standing just behind...

Set Your Goal today
Trust in oneself..
Trust in oneself guarantees 100% success...

Friends Card
Live life to the fullest
Send this card across to your friends.

Encouragement Card
Don't stop dreaming
Infuse in your pal the determination by sending this encouragement card.

 Encouragement Card
Tough Time Don't..
Send this card to someone to motivate them..

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