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Virtual Pet

You love pets but you canít have them at home due to various reasons. Then why not have a virtual pet on your computer? You can even find such a pet on the internet. Here comes a word of caution. Donít ever neglect your pet or forget to feed them as though they are imaginary ones they behave in the same manner as real ones do. Virtual pets are also sometimes known as digital pets.
Playing with virtual pets is an act very similar to playing with dolls as a child. They combine modern day computer gaming with doll playing. Such imaginary pets are loved and adored by kids and adults alike. They can be a great companion to a growing child, teaching lots of things in a fun way. These virtual pets behave so much like real pets that you will start believing that they are real. Just like the real ones if you do not feed them, they will die and if you neglect them, they can become depressed or aggressive. Though they seen to be so much alive yet they can never replace the real ones who are throbbing with life.

Virtual pets can also be in forms other than animals. There are many virtual communities of virtual pet owners who interact among themselves, play games, etc. A virtual pet on your website or blog helps you to project your desired personality to the world. In virtual pet simulation games you have to take good care of your beloved pet to keep it happy and well behaved. These virtual pets are interactive in nature and can be downloaded from the internet to your computer. Virtual pet screensavers are also quite popular.

Adopting Pets Virtually
There are some websites where you can have a look at cats, dogs, bunnies/ rabbits, hamsters, etc. which are available for adoption at an adoption centre. These are real pets. If you want a cute little kitten for your child or a lovable puppy to play with, then no need to go to the adoption centre. Just log in to the website and surf through the pages which give the details of various animals available for adoption. You may have to pay a certain fee for the pet adoption.

Online Pet Cemetery
There are virtual pet cemeteries too where you can post an epitaph for your loved pet. Losing a pet can be very painful just like losing a relative. Let others know about your pain and share their pain with you. Such websites are therapeutic in nature. Many children from all over the world log on to these sites and come to know about other people who have lost their loved ones and in this process, they too come to terms with their own loss.

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