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Rabbit Pet Names

Children love rabbits! Remember the cartoon character, Bugs Bunny? Bugs Bunny Rabbit was loved equally by young and old. There is another character called White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. These cartoons have made rabbits all the more adorable and loving. And the most common Rabbit Pet Name is Bugs Bunny derived from the cartoon character itself. Here there is a collection of Rabbit Pet Names for your selection.
Make your rabbit adorable with cute Rabbit Pet Names. Rabbit Pet Names will give your pet rabbit an individual identity. This will also provide him a unique characteristic—will make him special from other rabbits. Calling your pet rabbit by a Rabbit Pet Name gives him a feeling of intimate bonding. Your Pet Rabbit can make out from the name you have given him and from the tone with which your family members address him that all around him is really fond of him. Your Pet Rabbit realizes that he’s an integral part of the family. You can even consider their color for keeping the name. Since, pet name has an effect on the nature of the pet so you must be really careful while deciding upon the name.

The varied Rabbit Pet Names that can be given to your pets are Ginger, Aquarius, Figaro, Flakey, Astro, Mickey, Athena, Bacardi, Bailey, Baloo, Cecile, Gucci, Clover, Beans, Bell, Bella, Benji, Blackie, and Blaze. Some more amazing and interesting Rabbit Pet Names are Abracadabra, Blinky, Blitz, Carrot, Jazz, Jax, Casey, Casper, Clyde, Cocoa, Coffee, Dixie, Dizzy, Joker, Itsy, Levi, Dolly, Domino, Doodles, Dopey, Lucky, Dora, Flash, Flip flop, Giorgio, Gizmo, Goofy, Groucho, Guido, Gypsy, Hip hop, Holly, Millie, Mitsy, Mr. Pibb. These Rabbit Pet Names are really cute and sweet names that you can opt for your pet rabbit. offers you interesting Rabbit Pet Names. For more information, keep browsing the pages of our site. Happy Browsing!

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