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Fish Pet Names

Names give individuality to a person. And so it is for the animals too. You have purchased an aquarium with beautiful fishes floating in it and want to give names to these lovely creatures. So, you can take help of varied Fish Pet Names. There are different kinds of fishes in varied bright colors. Either you can name according to their colors or looks or you can name them with Fish Pet Names according to your free will. These will be personalized Fish Pet Names. The different Fish Pet Names can also depict certain meanings.
The various Fish Pet Names that you can give are Fillet, Blinky, Chippy, Cyber, Elmer, Dolphin, Flipper, Folly, Genius, Honey, Jazzy, Hilton, Inky, Koosie, Kenia, Lippy, Lyka, Lurky, Mugger, Moony, Nutsy, Neety, Picky, North Star, Polo, Poopie, Pook, Snowy, Snickers, Stinky, Slimey, Slimmy, Smoky, Skipper, Flyer, Tango, Rolly, Polly, Rolo, Rink, Righty, Rocky, Tipper, Tazzy, Typie, Tucky, Viper, Daffy, Diggy and many others.

Again, you also give Fish Pet Names according to certain meanings like Yoko, which is a Japanese name that means ocean child. Again, there is a Finnish legend that there was a cold-hearted Goddess of the sea called Vellamo. In fact, the Babylonian sea goddess was called by the name Tiamat. Hence, you can name your fish Vellamo or Tiamat as you wish. Also, ‘Ula’ can be a great choice for Fish Pet Name as this name is suggestive of female Celtic name meaning gem or jewel of the sea. ‘Su’ will be a short and cryptic name for these darling creatures of water as the name also means water. offers you exciting ideas on Fish Pet Names. For more information, keep browsing the pages of our website.

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