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The Tennessee Bengal Cat is considered to be more intelligent and healthier than all other cat breeds. It is this feature which makes breeding Bengal cat so popular. These cats do not have any serious genetic disorder that might threaten other breeds. Moreover, they do not have any breeding problems and also do not have any special food habits.

Dicaprio Bengals is the largest Tennessee Bengal Cat breeder in Tennessee. Dicaprio Bengal breeds all types of Bengal cats but they specialize in silver and brown Bengals. Their cats are high in quality. They ship them not only within United States but also internationally. They are a member of many prestigious associations like The International Cat Association, The International Bengal Cat Society and The International Bengal Breeders Association. They are located in the rural areas of southern central region and they also have an experience of nearly 15 years.

Bokavi is another important Tennessee Bengal cattery located near the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in eastern Tennessee. They are TICA registered and a life time member of TIBBA or The International Bengal Breeders Association. They perform genetic testing on the cats and all of their kittens are FIV negative.

Other notable Tennessee Bengal cat catteries are: CastleClark Bengals, Paradise Cove Bengals, Timbavati Bengals, PrinceRoyal Bengals, BengalPhoria, Belladonna Bengals, Stonehenge and Stonesriver.

Directories offering lists of Bengal cat breeders, rescue shelters and adopting centers are readily available which makes adopting Tennessee Bengal cat so easy. For more interesting information you can check

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