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Mancoon cat breed is generally known as Maine Coon cats. It is one of the oldest breeds of cats. It is scattered all over the world. In fact, it is a very loyal addition to the family. It is a good-natured and fun-loving cat. So, if you are thinking of purchasing a cat, then Mancoon cat breed would an excellent choice.

Mancoon cat breed is commonly found in Maine. It is regarded as the official cat of the state of Maine and has also derived its name from the state. A cat named 'Captain Jenks of the Horse Marines' was first recorded in the cat literature in 1861 in America. Mancoon cat is large and intelligent. There are legends and lore revolving around the origin of Mancoon cat. It is believed that Mancoon is a crossbreed between a raccoon and a semi-wild cat. According to another legend, it is believed that Mancoon cat breed is a result of the breeding of six pet cats of Marie Antoinette.

Most of the people prefer Mancoon cat breed due to its low maintenance. It is also not overly dependent on its owner. It gets along with other pets and children well. It is a social cat, and probably this is the reason for its increasing popularity day-by-day. Unlike Persian cats, Mancoon cat does not require regular brushing.

It is available in variety of colors and also has 'mousing talents'. However, it requires a healthy and balanced diet, because it tends to gain weight easily. Regular rounds are necessary to keep its heart healthy as Mancoon cat breed develops heart diseases. Altogether, Mancoon is a lovely pet especially for those owners who live in joint families because it does not pester its owner for continuous affection and attention. offers you a brief insight into the Mancoon cat breed. For further information on cat and cat breeds, keep flipping through the pages of the website.

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