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If you are seriously considering having a pet cat at home, then why run after cat breeders and pet shops selling cats? All you need to do is adopt a cute little kitty from a cat rescue near your home. Cat rescues can be found all over the globe. Cat rescue in Houston is the same as other cat rescues. By adopting a cat from Houston cat rescue, you will not only save a life but, also bring home a friend for life.

Agencies and organizations working for Houston cat rescue give shelter to cats that roam the streets and try to find them a safe and secure home. Immense public support is required for cat adoptions for Houston cat rescue to be successful. These cat rescues are often run by volunteers and depend on funding that comes through donations by cat lovers. Adoption of cats through Houston cat rescue ensures that homeless cats are not euthanized. Cat rescues are always pressed for space. Hence, finding foster homes for the sheltered cats becomes very essential.

Houston Cat Rescue Alliance comprises non-profit shelters, government organizations and volunteer groups. The aim of this alliance is rescuing and re-homing cats, providing information on neutering or spaying of cats, and conducting programs for spay/neuter of feral cats. This alliance gives membership to those who are entirely dedicated to the cause of rescuing and providing a better life to cats that are handicapped, neglected, dumped, abused, abandoned, unwanted or sick.

More and more cats are abandoned in the cities due to various reasons. These cats have nowhere to go and roam about in the streets till they are starved, hit by a car, shot or die due to some unfortunate incident. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to rescue them and re-settle then in loving and caring homes. offers you valuable information on cat rescue. To know more about it, keep surfing through the pages of the website.

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