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Approximately 90 thousand homeless cats are killed in the state of Atlanta for want of homes. Atlanta cat adoption works towards the solution to this problem. This adoption centre tries to ensure that more and more of the helpless cats are adopted so that they do not end their lives in euthanasia shelters. Atlanta cat adoption tries to discourage adopting cats from breeding houses. They also try to make the public aware of how the cat breeding houses are like kitten factories. They ultimately lead towards cat over population.

The cats in the Atlanta cat adoption homes receive high quality cat food, veterinary care and proper cat training till they are adopted. They are taught to socialize properly so that the cats can easily adjust to their new homes after adoption.

Atlanta Pet Rescue and Adoption is located in Georgia, Atlanta. They make sure that the cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and de-wormed before adoption. The volunteers of Atlanta Pet Rescue and Adoption also organize educative lessons for pet owners on how to train cats after adoption.

Atlanta Persian & Siamese Rescue is another Atlanta cat adoption organization that specializes in Persian, Siamese and Himalayans. Atlanta Petsmart organizes cat adoption fairs every weekend, near its adoption center. They offer various gifts and food coupons with every adoption that takes place.

Every person who adopts cats from any of the organizations under Atlanta cat adoption have to sign a contract, whereby, if in future the cat owner cannot keep the cat for some reason, then he/she should return the cat to the adoption center. These measures are adopted to ensure the safety and happiness of the dear cats. For more information on cat adoption you can check

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