Pet Friendship Cards

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My Dearest Pal!
I care...
When words are not enough to describe a feeling, let the heart say for itself.
Dear Friend Card
Dear Friend...
Send your love to all your nearest friends on Friendship's Day.

Thanks your friend today
Thanks friend
When ever i need a push in life you where there always.

Friends Card
Each Minute
Pen down your thoughts and send this card to your loved ones.
Make a New Friend Card
Make a New Friend Card
On finding you
Make new friends with this card & send it to everyone.

Thanks your friend today
Thanks a lot buddy
When i need some one you where there to help always.

Friendship Kiss Day Card
Sizzling kisses
Hope you are liking
Teddy Card
Nothing in this world. Can match the happiness...
You are my best friends forever...
Teddy Card
A fri like U...
I feel lucky to have you......