New Year Party Ideas

Dim pink lights , scented candles, bowls of confetti, and a mild saxophone tune being played in the background, clinking glasses filled with champagne, conversations and romance flowing through the air. Wow!" A Perfect' way to ring in the new year.

As for the party we all want to host the perfect New Year's Eve party and here is the secret unlocked for you.

1. The plan :

Planning is the most essential part of a groovy and happening party. So, here's the plan:
Start with a customized invitation cards and select matching party favors, banners and centerpieces. Add a life size cutout or a photo opportunity and the party becomes truly one of a kind. And don't forget to send the invitation well before time so that you're sure of the guest list.
Call in a professional photographer to capture the memorable moments.

New Year Customized invitation cards

2. Décor:

  • Buy pink bulbs at any local home store or for the more creative ones paint the existing bulbs in flourcent colours of your choice ; you will be amazed at the difference it makes and the ambience it creates!
  • Light up candles at every place possible . To make your candles burn longer, put them in a scented zip lock bag in the freezer the day before your party.
  • Don't forget to use your Christmas white lights, and other decorations to keep the festival spirit high.
  • Don the hat of a DJ and prepare a CD with latest dance numbers well in advance to spare yourself the last moment jitters and get grooving the party .

3. Welcoming Guests:

  • Plan a dress code for the party. Since it is going to be a late night party let your guests come in casual dresses or for more fun you can also ask them to wear flamboyant nightwear.
  • Welcome your guests with a small surprise filled bags containing tiaras, noisemakers, and a pink paper to write their new year's resolution.
  • Host party games keeping your guests in mind. Casino setups are quite a rage this New Year's Eve. You can rent casino games from local vendors.
  • Hire a karaoke and let your guests come forth with their talents . You never know who might surprise you.

4. Party Fun and Games:

  • Serving fortune cookies at your party by someone dressed in a typical fortune tellers attire can add fun and quirkiness as everyone wants to know what the coming year will bring.
  • Make a time capsule. Have everyone put something in it that is meaningful to them and that they want to share in the future. Set a time to reopen the capsule.
  • Throw a farewell party for the old year. Display mementos of the year as you wave goodbye at midnight.
Party fun and games

5. Cocktail Time:

  • Set up a mini bar at one corner adorned with beautiful hanging stars and Christmas lights for a heavenly feeling and let the guests make their own cocktail. Such cocktail bars can take the celebrations to a new level .
  • Deck up your bar with a range of liquors both alcoholic and no alcoholic.
  • Prepare a toast to ring in the new year.Give your guests bubbles, confetti, or sparklers for the midnight countdown.
  • A prerecorded countdown will coax everybody to count for midnight strike taking the fun to the next level.

Cocktail time

6. Supper:

  • A delicious cuisine of an array of food, drinks and desserts is always a star attraction.
  • Cooking traditional food brings good fortune in the new year. Cuisines made of pork, fish, lentils, cakes etc. is sure to bring some good luck.
  • If you are the non cooking type then a take away is always at your service. Order and enjoy.
  • Don't forget to keep some finger food and nuts in small bowls around the house to keep the party informal .


7. The Clincher:

Last but not the least have a blast at your New Year’s party, but remember, no matter what, never allow anyone to drive home drunk! To protect everyone, have a sober person drive intoxicated friends home, call a cab, or let them sleep at your place. No big deal, breakfast as simple as scrambled eggs, and coffee will be just fine for these overnight guests.
Having Aspirin might come in as handy to dodge the hangover.
Happy partying!

New Year Party Invitation Wordings

We're throwing a party
and you'll have a blast!
As we ring in the New Year
and say goodbye to the last!
Join us for New Year Eve
as we rign in 2015

Hope you enjoy raising a toast
to this special time of the year
and have a rocking celebration
Have a cheerful year ahead!

Wishing you have a blast
this New Year
with cocktails, festivities,
lots of fun and merriment
Happy New Year!

It's time for a big bash
coz New Year is here &
hope you party your heart out
enjoy a rollicking New Year!!

As we ring in the New Year
and say goodbye to the last!
We're throwing a party
and you'll have a blast!
Join us for New Year's Eve party!

We would like to
invite you for
a New Year get-together
and enjoy your company

It's time to celebrate again
with some drinks and cheer
come, join us as
we welcome the new year
Let's have a blast
this New Year's Day!

You're warmly invited
to our New Year's bash,
Let's raise a toast and enjoy!

As the New Year begins
and the old one ends,
we'd love to toast to the holidays
with our family and friends!
Join us for a Party
and Champagne Buffet

New year Messages