Mother's Day Letters

"It is not how much you do, but how
much love you put into the doing that matters"
Mother Teresa

Mother's day, the special day for mothers should be celebrated in a special manner with the essential elements of Mother's day. Are you ready to put in the right mix of efforts before the Mother's day? All children would love to give Mother's day presents to their mothers and the best gift would be something that has a personalized touch.

Write mother's day letters for your mothers on Mother's day and that would definitely be the best gift for your mother. Do not forget to express to her how much you love and care for her. The usual gifts of mother's day are flowers, box of chocolates, or a thoughtful handmade mother's day card. If this can be coupled with the hand-written letter of mother's day, nothing like it!

Devote a good amount of time to craft the well-devised letter. Fill it up with your own thoughts, with quotes, verses from the bible, and mostly childhood memories. Do not look at the time that you are taking to write the letter; just remember the thought behind it and how fondly she would treasure it for the rest of her life.

Method to write a Mother's Day Letter

Before starting off to write a Mother's day letter, one should do a brainstorming session about the ideas that should be included in the letter. Jot down the points that you should not miss writing about your mother – things that you adore about her, things on which she has had a great impact in your life, experiences where it tells about your mother's sacrifices – actually all fond memories that have helped you grow up over these years. Make the letter simple and state your thoughts logically that it doesn't appear too random.

You can follow the following process for writing the Mother's day letter:

Write an introductory paragraph with the wishes for a happy Mother's day. Now, put down your thoughts for her in the most lucid manner. State your love and concern for her and tell her that she has been an all-time inspiration for you.

After writing the rough draft of the letter, you can put the final content of the letter in the logical manner. Do not give her an email print out of the same but present her a handwritten Mother's day letter that depicts your extreme devotion and love. If you want personal contact with a person then a hand written letter is the best option.

Mother's Day Letter - 1

Dear Mom,

You are not just a woman, but a super woman in true sense and a super cool grandmother. Today on this fabulous day I am writting this "letter of Gracias" to you as an acknowledgement to all those years that you have spent nurturing us,with all the love, care, and well deserved scoldings.

You work like a super human, multitasking at one time....sometimes I get worried about your health. But, you always calm my anxieties by saying that this is what makes you feel alive everyday. Really Mom, How Do you Do it, Please give me your secret Talisman as even I want to be just like you.

Mom, you really inspire the life in me. Sure I can't say that we have had a smooth journey, but I can bet on that last penny in my pocket that it has been more inspiring and worth living eachday with you by our side. Needless to say that you have really raised the bar for me as well as for all the present and future moms to be.

Mom, all I can say is "I love You" and You are the Best mom in the world.

Lots of Love

Mother's Day Letter - 2

Dear Mother,

I want you to know that you mean the entire world to me! I would be so lost without you. Not just a mother, you have always been my best friend. Unintimidated sharing and your honest opinion about everything with you throughtout my growing up years have taught me so many precious lessons about life. You have made me the person I am today, professionally and personally. Thank you for being my friend, my supporter, counselor, savior, cook, nurse, and the rock that always stood by me through thick and thin… but the best will always be the role of being my MOM.

Through all these years of parenthood and many more to come, you have taught me how to be a better mom to my kids. Even Today, during silent Star filled nights, I always make a wish that I could stay under your wings a little longer! Mom, I love you, and no words are enough to explain my love for you. Happy mothers day!!

Love always and forever

Mother's Day Letter - 3

Dear Mother,

I always used to coax you to buy me presents which you did. But, without even asking God gave me the greatest gift and that is you, my dearest mother. You have always stood by me, always lent an ear to my arguments and problems, no matter how trivial they might seem and how busy you may be.

I remember as a child when you would scold me for a fault of mine. I would get angry for being scolded and sometimes would not talk to you for a whole day. But as I reached adulthood, I realized that all that scolding and nagging was to make a better person out of me. Mother you have always been my best friend and guide, whispering into my ears words of wisdom and encouragement. It is because of you that I have always felt so secure and was always ensured that if ever I was to take a wrong turn in life, you would be there to bring me back on the path of righteousness. Mother, it is your confidence and hopefulness that always gave me the encouragement and confidence to go on in life.

Mother, it is because of your unwavering love, support, and encouragement that I have become a better person. So mom, today I take the opportunity to wish you a happy Mother's Day. May your life be always filled with joy and happiness.

Lots of love

Mother's Day Letter - 4

Dear mother,

Motherhood is one of the toughest jobs in the world but you are really doing well. After all, raising kids, managing the house, taking care of the kitchen and seeing that every thing is in order is no easy thing, but you have managed it all with elan.

Mom, on Mother's Day, I take the opportunity to thank you for all that you have done for me. You brought me in this world and are my greatest teacher. You nurtured me, taught me how to walk and utter the first words. Whatever I am today is because of you. Mother, my love for you would never match that of yours for mine. You have loved me always, even before I came into this world. I still remember those days when I would make a mistake and come pleading to you not to tell it to dad and you would always save me.

Mother, this mother's day I wish you lots of happiness and joy in life and also want to tell you how much I care for you. I am very fortunate for I have such a wonderful mother like you.

Happy Mother's Day and have lots of fun.

Last Updated: 25th March, 2017