Love Calculator

How Love Calculators Work These calculators consider the following details when determining your compatibility with your partner.

Using the partners' names:There are online calculators which need you to enter your and your partner's names. These tools follow an algorithm which tracks how close the names are to one another. Depending upon this algorithm, the calculator then finds out the love percentage between two partners.

Using birth date and zodiac signs: You'll find online love calculators which require you to enter your birth date as well as your partner's. Such calculators may also need you to provide your and your partner's zodiac signs. With these details, the calculators determine the compatibility ratio of your partner's zodiac sign and yours. So, you'll get to know whether you and your partner are a compatible match.

Considering one's age and psychology:There are calculators which determine love compatibility based on personal information like your age and the length of time during which you've been in love with your partner. Your partner should also include his age while using such calculators. Both of you will need to answer some questions which will provide an insight into your psychology. Depending upon your answers, the calculators will assign a score which reflects whether you and your partner can have a successful relationship in future.

What to Check before Using Love Calculators

Prior to using such a calculator, you should check if the website where it is available is reliable or not. Check out the website thoroughly and browse through some of the pages so as to get an idea about the site. Look through its privacy policy as well. Once you're convinced that it's a reliable website, you may provide your details to the love calculator.

A love calculator may give you an idea about the chances of a successful romantic relationship with the person of your choice. But you shouldn't take your decisions just by depending upon the results of the calculation. That's because love calculators work on the basis of algorithms which have no relation to human emotions. However, if you find that the calculator isn't showing you a good score regarding your love compatibility, you can actually work toward improving your relationship in order to make it a success.

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