Does He Love Me? Quiz

Does he really love you? Or does he consider you as just a friend? Do you think he could be the one? Or is he just flirting with you for some fun? Take the quiz to find out!

Q 1) When talking on the phone or texting

a) He seems keen to know about my day and asks questions about me

b) He only calls for work

c) He responds only when I ask questions

d) We don't talk on the phone or text

e) He doesn't pick up my calls


Q 2) When in a group of friends

a) He always steals glances and looks for excuses to talk to me

b) He introduces me to people I don't know

c) He behaves as normally with me as he does with other friends

d) We don't have mutual friends

e) He doesn't pay attention to me at all


Q 3) How long have you known him?

a) Less than a month

b) Less than a week

c) More than a month

d) More than 6 months

e) More than a year


Q 4) Does he flirt with you?

a) Yes, and he blushes a lot while we're talking

b) He indulges in innocent flirting

c) He's always hinting at something sexual

d) He talks to me about other girls

e) He doesn't flirt with me at all

e) you never got a call from him unless there's some urgency.


Q 5) Has he ever asked you out?

a) Yes, we've gone on a couple of dates

b) No, he hasn't asked me but I think he will

c) Yes, he did once but he hasn't asked again

d) I'm not sure

e) Not at all


Q 6) How often do you meet/text?

a) He calls/texts me at least once every day

b) He calls/texts me every few hours

c) Once a week

d) Hardly ever

e) He hasn't asked for my number


Q 7) At times when you look at him, what does he often do?

a) He can never be found looking at me!

b) When our eyes meet, he gives me a sweet smile and then just looks away.

c) We both look at each other for a relatively long time.

d) It sometimes seem that he is looking at me, but the moment I look back at him, he looks away

e) He points towards me and gives out a hearty laugh.


Q 8) How does the conversation start between you two?

a) Any of us can start the conversation. As we talk a lot with each other, it does not really matters as to who starts the conversation.

b) He is the one who is always friendly and starts the conversation with a sweet hello.

c) Who said that we ever talked? We have never talked till date.

d) I am the one who needs to start the conversation.

e) He stammers a lot while talking, but only when he is having a conversation with me.


Q 9) When he is in your company, what is his body language?

a) He is always looking at his watch and seems a lot abstracted.

b) Most of the time he looks at my mouth while we are talking

c) He is a real good listener and often leans towards me while I am talking.

d) He often touches me on arm and the shoulder while we are talking.

e) He talks to me in the manner he talks to his other friends. He is very much relaxed like he would be relaxed in any other friend's company.


Q 10) How is his friend's behavior towards you?

a) I don't notice his friend's behavior much.

b) They seem to assess my personality a lot when they are around.

c) Lately they have been nicer towards me.

d) They keep throwing little harmless things at me.

e) They often throw heavy and pointed objects at me.


Q 11) A little bit more assessment of his behavior around you:

a) I find him to be really shy and quiet when he is in my company.

b) He is always acting as if I don't exist only.

c) He is always cracking jokes with me but in a lighter way.

d) He acts in a normal manner while we are together in a group but seems really nervous when we are alone.

e) He is always cursing and swearing while talking to me.