Does He Love Me? Quiz

Is your boyfriend/husband really into you? Or is he just pretending? Would he turn to be your true soul mate or is he just flirting with you for some immature fun? Take the quiz below to find answers to all these questions!

Q 1) Does he compliment you frequently?

a)  Yes, almost on EVERYTHING

b) Yeah, mostly on my outfit

c)  He refrains from praising me for any damn thing

d) He wouldn’t even if he saw me in a glittering dress

e) No


Q 2) When attending a party/event 

a) He always steals glances and looks for excuses to talk to me 

b) He introduces me to people I don't know

c) He behaves as normally with me as he does with other friends

d) We don't have mutual friends

e) He doesn't pay attention to me at all 


Q 3) How long have you known him?

a) Less than a month 

b) Less than a week

c) More than a month 

d) More than 6 months 

e) More than a year


Q 4) Does he talk about the future? 

a) Yes, and he seems to be quite serious about it 

b) Yes, but he does it in a jovial mood

c) Yes, we do so, but less lately 

d) No, he has never discussed any such thing

e) No, he says we’re just good friends 

e) No, he’s made it clear that we aren’t committed


Q 5) Has he ever asked you out? 

a) Yes, we've been on a couple of dates

b) No, he hasn't asked me but I think he will

c) Yes, he did once but he hasn't asked again

d) I'm not sure

e) Not at all


Q 6) Has he ever told you about his past and shared personal details about his life? 

a) Yes, he definitely shares a lot of personal stuff  

b) Yes, but at times he’s reluctant in sharing some specific personal details 

c) No, he prefers talking about sexual or flirty stuff 

d) No, I have to push him for sharing something interesting about his personal life 

e) No, he’d never do that, even in his rarest dreams


Q 7) How does the conversation start between you two? 

a) Any of us can start the conversation. As we talk a lot with each other, it does not really matter as to who starts the conversation

b) He is the one who is always friendly and starts the conversation with a sweet hello

c) Who said that we ever talked? We have never talked till date

d) I am the one who needs to start the conversation

e) He stammers a lot while talking, but only when he is having a conversation with me


Q 8) Does he touch you often?

a)  Yes, but only to tap me on the shoulder

b)  Yes, he prefers holding my hands during a conversation

c)  No, we don’t like touching each other

d)   He loves strangling me

e) He doesn’t know I exist


Q 9) How is his friend's behavior towards you? 

a) I don't notice his friend's behavior much

b) They seem to assess my personality a lot when they are around

c) Lately they have been nicer towards me

d) They keep throwing little harmless things at me

e) They often throw heavy and pointed objects at me


Q 10) Has he ever told you he loves you?

a)  Yes, all the time!

b) Yes, but I’m a bit dicey as to whether he actually means it

c)  Yes, but very rare

d)  No, he hates saying “I Love You” because he’s been ditched in the past

e) No, he’s made it clear that he doesn’t love me