Labor Day 2015

The first Monday of September in United States Of America is celebrated as Labour Day to celebrate the social and economic achievement of workers. Labour Day is also celebrated as a symbolic end of summer.Its a national tribute to contributations of all the workers.

Labor Day Celebrations

There are a number of events organized to celebrate the Labor Day. Usually, a street parade involving thousands of workers and their families is taken out. This is followed by festivals and recreational activities for the enjoyment of those involved in the parade.

Read on to know about some of the famous Labor Day events in U.S and Canada.


Labor Day Events in U.S.

Some of the famous events held on the Labor Day in U.S. are:

West Indian American Day Parade & Carnival
  • This colorful parade is one of the city’s largest events involving the public.

  • This parade had originally started in Harlem and currently runs through Brooklyn's Eastern Parkway area.

  • It is preceded by events like the children’s carnival and steel drumming. Colorful costumes, calypso performances and Caribbean food are the highlights of this parade.

Chicago Jazz Festival
  • The Chicago Jazz Festival started in 1974 as an honor to the late big band leader Duke Ellington.

  • It is one of the most popular Labor Day weekend events held throughout the nation.

  • This festival is organized at the Petrillo Music Shell in Grant Park. There are live performances by musicians who come from all around the nation to attend this event.

Los Angeles County Fair
  • This traditional event starts during the Labor Day weekend and continues throughout the month into October.

  • There are carnival rides, horse races and games organized to make the County Fair an exciting one. You’ll also get to see historical and nature exhibits.

  • Besides, you can try out fried foods and good quality beer while you attend this event.

Labor Day Events in Canada

Popular events held during the Labor Day celebrations in Canada are mentioned below.

Victoria Fringe Festival:
  • If you stay in Victoria, British Columbia in Canada, you’ll get to enjoy the Victoria Fringe Festival.

  • This involves theatrical performances, dance and music. In addition, story-telling sessions and magic shows make your celebrations brighter.

Wharf Rat Rally in Digby, Nova Scotia
  • This event is considered to be the most popular motorcycle rally in Atlantic Canada.

  • There are stunts and competitions for you to participate and enjoy.

  • There’s also entertainment to add to your celebrations. Also, you’ll find quality food to savor.

Labor Day Party Ideas

  • When it comes to celebrating the Labor Day, you’d certainly want to party with your friends and family. So, you can arrange an indoor or outdoor party and have fun on this special day.

  • If you’d like to invite some guests other than your friends or family, well then you should plan how to arrange the event.

  • If you have a backyard pool, you may arrange the party to be held around it. Just make sure there are plenty of towels and sunscreen for your guests. Also, arrange for flip-flops for your guests to leave their own shoes and wear them instead. It’ll help them carry on with the party around the poolside.

  • Labor Day party is all about relaxing, so let your guests enjoy a drink and move around while the party goes on.

  • You can arrange for games like soccer, badminton and volleyball. Kids can run around here and there while the adults can participate in games.




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