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Dance Party Invitation Cards

Set the dance floor on fire and dance all day, all night with your beloved. Invite he/she to be your dance partner by sending these cards from

Let's Dance Together
Enjoy the Music...
Dance with your lover and let the love bloom in your life with this card.

Let's Dance Together
Want to be in your arms
Ask your dance partners to dance with you and get close with this card.

Let's Dance Together
Dance and twirl..
Please be my dance partner...

Let's Dance Together
Join me and stir up the fun
Let's dance with the passion within turn to the groovy music

Let's Dance Together
Look into my eyes...
Please be my dance partner tonight..

Let's Dance Together
Wanna Dance...
Dancing can be funů When there is a perfect partner

  Invitation Cards
Waiting for you...
Invite over your buddies to have a bash.

Let's Dance Together
Rock the party
Increase the volume of music, tap feet to the groovy number send this card to enjoy this day.

Let's Dance Together
Party Time...
Let's go for party...

Let's Dance Together
Dance Together...
Dance to the beats of music and have fun in life.

Let's Dance Together
Come honey
Forget rest of the world and dance with me..

  Invitation Cards
Come Over
Invite your guests with this card and enjoy celebrations.

  Invitation Cards
Rainy Days Are Here
Wish your friends to enjoy splashing days as the rain falls.