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Unique Honeymoon Ideas


Honeymoons are once in a lifetime experiences. So every attempt should be made to make it memorable and unique, so that its memories stay fresh with you for ever. Some people fret looking for unique honeymoon ideas. But the task is not as difficult as it appears to be. The only thing you have to be aware of is the common interests of the couple.

Some of the common but unique honeymoon ideas are as follows:

1.Festival honeymoon- If you and your spouse are fond of grand celebrations and interesting food then you can plan your honeymoon during a festival. World Buskers Festival (in New Zealand), Quebec Winter Carnival, International Cherry Blossom Festival, The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, World Worm Charming Championship, National Storytelling Festival and International Balloon Fiesta are some of the popular festivals worldwide. A festival makes you feel that the entire world is celebrating your marriage.


    2.World heritage honeymoon- This is one of the most popular amongst the unique honeymoon ideas. This is greatly liked by couples who like historical sites. The UNESCO has made a list of 754 historical heritage sites. Some of popular places in this list are Yellowstone National Park, Vatican City, volcanoes of Kamchatka and Saint Catherine's Monastery in Egypt. A visit to such places will make your honeymoon fun filled and exciting.

    3.Honeymoon cruises- If you are looking for a grand and unique honeymoon idea then you can try the honeymoon cruises. Nowadays these are several holiday planners and honeymoon packages that have beautiful boats for hire. Such boats give you the privacy that you deserve and all sorts of modern amenities like television, king sized beds, gas fireplace, kitchen, hot tub and even bar.

    Few more unique honeymoon ideas for adventure lovers are as follows:

    • Horseback honeymoon

    • Around the world honeymoon

    • African safari

    • Visit to the Galapagos Island

    • Water rafting honeymoon

    • Underwater honeymoon

    • Lighthouse honeymoon

    • Railroad honeymoon

    • Disneyland honeymoon

    For everyone their honeymoon is special. Only a bit of careful planning is necessary to make it unique. If you have further queries about your honeymoon then there are many more interesting and informative articles in Dgreetings.com

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