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Mountain Honeymoon


If you want to escape the city crowd and lose yourself in the lap of nature and in the arms of your love, then a romantic mountain honeymoon is the best for you. The mountains with its beautiful frothy streams, chilly breeze, snow capped ranges and pretty wild flowers create an aura pervading with romance and languor.

The Pyrenees Mountain is the most popular mountain honeymoon destination. The best thing about the Pyrenees Mountains is its untouched beauty. After dawn, the sky can be seen draped in a cloak of heavenly colors. After sunset, the mountain is clothed in mysterious beauty. The scene of the starlit sky against city lights, like specs of diamonds, is simply breathtaking. The togetherness with your spouse and the early morning chirping of birds will create a harmony, to stay with you as long as you live.


    The Smoky Mountains located in Gatlinburg is another favorite mountain honeymoon destination. It offers facilities like rafting, biking, horse riding, hiking and private cabins. The Aquarium of the Smokies, Smokey Mountain Music Festival, Smokey Mountain National Park and Comedy Barn Theater are some of the popular attractions of the Smokies. You can just let your self get lost in the midst of the mountain festivities.

    The Alps is one of the top ten mountain honeymoon spots. One of its greatest attractions is the snow covered mountain slopes, apt for skiing. Its cozy log cabins also attract honeymoon couples.

    However mountain honeymoon needs a lot of planning. Reservations must be done well in advance. Make sure that you reserve the hotel as well. Proper warm clothes, suntan lotion and medicines must be carried along. There are many more articles on Honeymoon in Dgreetings.com especially for you.

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