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Island Honeymoon


Newly weds need more time to spend together, understanding each other and expressing their love for each other. They must be given their share of privacy. This is possible in a romantic island honeymoon. Island honeymoons are the best way to intoxicate yourself with the sweet fragrance of the beach and just let your self loose in the daze of the life on a beach.

In an island honeymoon you can laze on sun bathed beaches, allow the waves to wash your feet, relish a natural drink of coconut water and watch the sun disappear in the sea at sunset. It is an opportunity to forget all your worries and stress and enjoy a lifetime experience with the dear one in your life.


    Small islands in and around Mexico, Tahiti, Hawaii, Fiji, Costa Rica and Caribbean are some of the popular sites for island honeymoon. Usually island honeymoons are very expensive. The reason is that most of these islands are uninhabited. They basically consist of small bungalows hired by honeymoon couples. Unspoilt beauty and privacy are some of the key features of an island honeymoon.

    There are several honeymoon planners and travel agents who offer interesting and economical island honeymoon packages. You can try water surfing, scuba diving and various other water sports during an island honeymoon. You can also try your hand in fishing. You can try some interesting and mouth watering sea food on an island honeymoon. However if you are looking for absolute privacy and do not want anyone to disturb you, then there are also some island resorts where you can make your own meal. So on the whole an island honeymoon is a total experience for your soul- an experience that you will treasure all throughout your life. For more interesting ideas on honeymoon destinations check the other articles in Dgreetings.com.

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