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Great Honeymoon Ideas


In earlier times the mention of the word honeymoon used to bring a blush upon the face. This is because honeymoons were associated with days and nights filled with passion and romance. The honeymoon is exclusively a time for the couple to get to know each other better, to understand each other and get intimate with each other.

Honeymoons, throughout the centuries, are planned soon after the wedding, when the couple escapes from the eyes of the world to spend some quality time together. The concept of a honeymoon has always been spending it indoors, either in a hotel or a resort. However the idea of a honeymoon is changing over the years; newlyweds are getting experimental. Many couples want a memorable and unique honeymoon to remember over the years.


    There are many great honeymoon ideas to make your honeymoon special. One such great honeymoon idea is to go backpacking through Europe. This can be a great way to travel in a low budget and see the world in the company of the love of your life. Europe has few of history's greatest art, architecture, legends, places, food and culture. Another great place to go backpacking is South East Asia as it is a land with a mixture of adventure and culture.

    A great adventurous honeymoon idea is to go camping on your honeymoon. This great honeymoon idea is not for the faint-hearted; camping requires stamina and enthusiasm. For the more adventurous and nature loving couples this is a perfect idea of a honeymoon. Just imagine how amazing it would be to get cozy with your partner under a midnight sky twinkling with a million stars.

    One of the greatest honeymoon ideas is to find out what is in the heart of your partner. If you can figure out that secret wish or desire, make it come true during your honeymoon. This will be the best gift you could give your beloved. This gesture is what will make your bond stronger and your honeymoon very special.

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