Thanksgiving Invitation Wordings



Thanksgiving Invitation Wording Samples

Look for ideas on the exact wording you'll use to invite others through informal/casual and formal invitations.
For Casual/Informal Thanksgiving Invitations
1) Thanksgiving is the time of the year
to celebrate with friends
and family so dear.
Come join us for dinner and cocktails
and let us express a warm thank you!


2) As the fall leaves turn into
their brilliant hues,
join us for a fun-filled
party and stew
on Thanksgiving.
You're warmly invited to a
wonderful holiday meal!



3) Thanksgiving is in the air!
So, why not drop in for
a harvest dinner with
berries, oranges, pumpkins
turkeys and lots of good cheer?
You're invited for a delicious
thanksgiving meal and a day of fun.


4) It's Thanksgiving and time to say thanks
for all that we're blessed with.
Come over to join us over dinner
as we celebrate with good food and friends.


5) Inviting you to a sumptuous meal
on Thanksgiving!
Just leave your worries behind
and join us for food, drinks,
games and all the cheer.


For Formal Thanksgiving Invitations

1) It's Thanksgiving and the perfect time
to count the many blessings in our lives!
Please be our guest as we celebrate
with a holiday meal and drinks.

You're cordially invited to
share in the harvest dinner!


2) We request the pleasure
of your company at the
Thanksgiving dinner and dessert
served at our home.

Your gracious presence is sure to
make our celebration a special one!


3) As we celebrate this time of the year
and count the blessings we've received,
please join us for a harvest dinner
with turkey roast on Thanksgiving.

Your presence on this festive occasion
is sure to delight us!


4) Please be our guest as we
celebrate Thanksgiving.
There'll be pumpkins and turkeys,
pecan pies and cranberry delight…
So much to thank for on this
festive night!


5) As the days of autumn get cooler
and the warmth of your blessings
spread all around us,
please be our guest at a
special gathering on Thanksgiving.

You're cordially invited for the
food, drinks, and delightful treats!


Thanksgiving Day is an annual holiday celebrated in U.S. on the fourth Monday of November. It's the occasion when people celebrate their prosperity and express their gratitude for the bounties they've been showered with. On this day, family members get together to say thanks to each other, enjoy a grand feast, carve turkeys, and bake pies. If you too would like to enjoy the event with your dear ones, invite them to join you in your celebrations.

Thanksgiving Invitation Ideas

Here are some ideas on what kind of invitations you may use so as to pull your guests to your Thanksgiving party.

Turkey themed invitations: Turkey is used as a primary dish in Thanksgiving dinner. So, you may choose invitation ecards that have the image of a turkey against a brown background with a golden border. Alternatively, you may choose photo cards with the images of cute little turkeys. Such an invitation card can be personalized by adding the photo of your family members.

Harvest invitations: Thanksgiving is the time to celebrate the harvest. So, invite your dear ones for a party with invitations that feature the images of a party table with exciting food items like pecan pies, pumpkins, oranges, caramel candied apples, and other fruits of Fall. You may otherwise choose autumn-styled invitations that display an elegant porch adorned with pumpkins and warm colors of Fall.

Pumpkin invitations: Add cheer to your dear ones' lives by sending them card invitations which come with an image of pumpkin, as this food item is relished by one and all during Thanksgiving. Look for fun fall stationery that comes with an image of festive pumpkins all around the borders and a tan center to include your Thanksgiving invitation wording. Alternatively, you may choose invitations that include the image of a barrel of apples and pumpkins. There may also be the image of a stack of wheat against a wood grain background.

Fall bounty themed invitations: Request your dear ones' presence in your celebrations by sending Thanksgiving party invitations having the image of a filigree pumpkin created out of swirling designs. Such a design may be set against a dark background. You'll easily find such digitally printed invitations online. So, share the warmth of this season with your loved ones by using such Thanksgiving invitations.

Cornucopia invitations: A cornucopia symbolizes the harvest bounty, so an invitation with the theme of cornucopia is a good choice for attracting your guests to your get-together. Card invitations with the image of an overflowing cornucopia including pumpkins, corn, fruits and vegetables are an interesting way of celebrating Thanksgiving.

A delightful invitation could be one that's decorated with a paisley background and has the image of a couple carrying a cornucopia and hot pie. Such cards can be further decorated with glitters to make the perfect invite for your loved ones.

Leaf themed invitations: Such festive invitations usually come with images of leaves in bold and beautiful colors like brown and orange pervading all along their edges. You'll also find invitations which feature paisley prints along with Fall leaves. Ecards with images of cascading leaves against a rich tree trunk background are a good choice for Thanksgiving celebrations.

Invitations that capture the essence of this event with beautiful colors like red, orange, and green reflected through Autumn fruits, berries, and leaves are an impressive way to let your guests know that you'll celebrate this occasion in a special way.

Thanksgiving Invitation Wording Ideas

Here's an idea of the text you need to include in your Thanksgiving invites.
Nature of the event: Your invitation should highlight whether you're going to have a formal event or a casual celebration. Just be sure of how you want to celebrate the day and accordingly mention the kind of feast you're organizing or the activities and games you've planned. Let your guests know if there's a theme set for the party; based on the theme, they may have to come in special costumes. So, inform your guests as to how they should show up at your event.

Timing: Let your guests be informed about the timings of the celebrations so that they can plan other activities of the day accordingly.

Location: Whether you plan the celebrations at your home or outdoors, mention the correct address on your Thanksgiving party invitations so that your guests don't have a problem locating the venue.

Tone: Your invitation wording should have the right tone that matches the formality or informality of the event.

RSVP: Request your guests to RSVP within a certain date so that you make the arrangement for food based on how many people are joining your celebrations. Semi-formal and casual invitations should have the RSVP information on the invite itself. But formal Thanksgiving invitations should come with a separate RSVP card.

When you think about inviting others to your Thanksgiving party, make sure you choose invitations that appeal to your guests. Only then they'll feel excited about attending your party and add cheer to your celebrations.


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