Thanksgiving Invitation Wordings


Look for ideas on the exact wording you'll use to invite others through informal/casual and formal invitations.

Thanksgiving is the time of the year to celebrate with friends and family so dear.
Come join us for dinner and cocktails
and let us express a warm thank you!
As the fall leaves turn into their brilliant hues, join us for a fun-filled party and stew on Thanksgiving.
You're warmly invited to a wonderful holiday meal!
Thanksgiving is in the air!
So, why not drop in for a harvest dinner with berries, oranges, pumpkins turkeys and lots of good cheer?
You're invited for a delicious thanksgiving meal and a day of fun.

Thanksgiving Invitation
It's Thanksgiving and time to say thanks for all that we're blessed with.
Come over to join us over dinner as we celebrate with good food and friends.
Inviting you to a sumptuous meal on Thanksgiving!
Just leave your worries behind and join us for food, drinks, games and all the cheer.
It's Thanksgiving and the perfect time to count the many blessings in our lives!
Please be our guest as we celebrate with a holiday meal and drinks.
You're cordially invited to share in the harvest dinner!.
We request the pleasure of your company at the Thanksgiving dinner and dessert served at our home.
Your gracious presence is sure to make our celebration a special one!
Thanksgiving Invitation
As we celebrate this time of the year and count the blessings we've received,
please join us for a harvest dinner with turkey roast on Thanksgiving.
Your presence on this festive occasion is sure to delight us!

Please be our guest as we celebrate Thanksgiving.
There'll be pumpkins and turkeys, pecan pies and cranberry delight…
So much to thank for on this
festive night!
Thanksgiving Invitation
Please join us for dinner and make our holiday special.
Happy thanksgiving!
You are invited to join us on Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving
As the days of autumn get cooler and the warmth of your blessings spread all around us,
please be our guest at a special gathering on Thanksgiving.
You're cordially invited for the food, drinks, and delightful treats!
Thanksgiving Invitation

Last Updated: 22nd November, 2017