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Various holiday themes like St.Patrickís Day and Halloween are a fun for the school parties. Sports themes such as football and soccer form great birthday parties for sports enthusiastic.

If you are not sure about what themes will suit your childís party then take the help of Theme Questionnaire to narrow down some of the ideas. But most importantly do not forget to ask your child. He/she may have some great ideas.

Donít do the same themes over and over again. For example if your childís friends have already had a dinosaur party this year, but dinosaurs are your childís favoriteÖ go ahead with this party theme but stretch your imagination a little to make it unique.

Select such a party theme that suits your childís personality. If your child is high energy, then an outdoor carnival or Olympics party with lots of games will be perfect. If the child is quiet and shy, then go for activities like Artist or Tea party.

There are various factors, which influence your party theme such as the number of guests, potential location and your budget. For instance if your child has lots of friends to invite and you donít have a room at your house and cannot spend a lot of money on the partyÖ. a picnic party might be a good fit.

If the theme of your party is based on a particular character or story such as Harry Potter, Pokeman etc then donít assume that every child is familiar with the character or the story. Always consider reading a section of the book or showing a part of the video as one of the first activities at the party.

Here is a word of advice, donít overdo the theme unless you are not sure. For example a Barbie party with Barbie decorations, Barbie games and Barbie cake will be like a lot of Barbie. So please be careful about that.
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