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childhood but you still need to refresh your memory. So share these timeless childhood outdoor games with your child.

Here is the list of some of the best kids outdoor games.

Doggy Doggy Where’s The Bone
It can also be played as an indoor game. A kid plays the part of the dog. He/she sits in a chair with his/her back to the class. An object is put under the chair, which is the bone. Then the dog was turned around with his/her eyes closed and someone would sneak up and steal the bone and hide it somewhere on his/her person. Then everyone would sing: Doggy Doggy, where is the bone? The dog has three chances to guess who took it. If he guessed it wrong than the person who had the bone got a turn as the dog.

Hide And Seek
First you pick up the person who will seek everybody. Then that person will turn around and count with their eyes closed and say, “Ready or not ready, here I come” and rushes to find everyone. Afterwards the people try to reach the base without getting tagged or else they are “It”.

Heads Up Sevens Up
Here the seven students were in front of the class. The class laid their heads on the desk. The seven went out and touched a person. The person will put a stick or thumb up. Then the seven would say “heads up seven up” and each student got one chance to guess which of the seven touched him. If they guessed it right than they changed their places and if they did not then the same person got to stay up.
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