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Here is the list of some ideas for kidís birthday gifts.

Gift Baskets For Children
This gift basket for children is educational, healthy gift for children that educates them on the importance of eating at least five fruits and vegetables a day. The basket comes with a magnet to help them keep a track of their daily fruit and vegetable intake using the easy color way method. Children can easily identify the colors of fruit and vegetable that they consume and the color way method ensures that they are eating nutritionally healthy food. This basket makes a great alternative to the candy and cookie filled baskets and sets the children on a lifelong healthy eating habits.

Plasma Car
This plasma car is made of high quality ABS plastic, rugged and durable. Kids will adore this car because of its vivid, sleek and aerodynamic look, just like a racecar. Batteries, power-cells and liquid fuels are not required. Itís very easy to operate; all it needs is a driver, a smooth and a flat surface.

Itís plainly simple both to look at and to operate. It sports six wheels, a seat, footrests and a steering wheel. There are no pedals; no gears and best of all batteries are not required.

Corolle Dolls
Corolle doll is much more than a toy, itís a cherished part of a childís life. It provides a child with someone to care for, an always-understanding friend and playmate to love. Corolleís emphasis on durability, quality and playability results in dills that can withstand all the loving and hugs they inspire.


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