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Gifts are known to be pearls of love. When put together they make a wonderful collection of memories and things. Here is the list of some of the best fun kids gifts.

Bumble Ride Flyer
Bumble Ride Flyer makes a wonderful fun kids gift. It has five point adjustable safety harness with shoulder pads, a reversible handle, new east front and rear wheel locking system, universal adapter to accommodate infant car seats, spacious easy access shopping basket and easy fold for compact storage etc. It makes an ideal kids fun gift.

Spray White Chalk
If you are tired of creating on canvas, then spray white chalk can be used on cement, grass, glass, metal, paper, sand and snow. Its only temporary- it sprays on and washes off. Adult supervision is required and the minimum age of the kid should be six and above.

Paint Your Own Lunchbox
Bid goodbye to brown paper bags and say hello to Munchbox. It is not only fun and funky retro lunchbox but also rather the hottest way to “Xpress” yourself. This is a fun way for kids to be creative by designing and painting their own lunchbox with Day-Glo paint, the hottest trend in color.

Four Way Countdown
Invented by a Canadian, this a quick four-player game that can be played by kids of mixed ages and maths ability. Fast paced and fun for all ages, this game improves kid’s ability to quickly add, subtract, multiply and divide. It’s a perfect fun gift idea.


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