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Hanukkah Candelabra

The Hanukkah Candelabra is a really important part of the tradition of Hanukkah. It is why we call the holiday as “the Festival of Light”. Menorah is a Hebrew word meaning ‘candelabra’. It refers to the nine-branched ceremonial lamp in which the Hanukkah candles are placed and then blessed.

Hanukkah Menorah

The Hanukkah Menorah or Candelabra originated as a religious symbol in biblical times. The Torah records how the great artist Bezalel created a seven-branched menorah for the desert tabernacle in fulfillment of a Divine commandment. Such a seven-branched menorah adorned the Temple in Jerusalem. It is a tangible reminder of the indestructibility of the Jewish people.

The nine-branched Hanukkah Menorah or Candelabra was a modification of the biblical model and have originated in the first century. It had eight branches, one for each day of the holiday, and a ninth branch for the shamas or “servant” light. On the first night, one candle is placed at the far right. The shammus candle is lit and three ‘berakhot’ or blessings are recited: l'hadlik neir—a general prayer over candles, she-asah nisim—a prayer thanking God for performing miracles for our ancestors, and she-hekhianu—a general prayer thanking God for allowing us to reach this time of year.

The first candle is then lit using the ‘shammus’ candle, and the shammus candle is placed in its holder. The candles are allowed to burn after a minimum of 1/2 hour. Another candle is added from right to left every night. Candles are lit from left to right (because you pay honor to the newer thing first). Because of the law prohibiting the lighting of a fire on Shabbat, Chanukah candles are lit before the Shabbat candles on Friday night, and they are lit after Havdalah on Saturday night.

Dgreetings.com offers you a brief insight into the Hanukkah Menorah or Candelabra. Light the candles on the eve of Hanukkah and spread glow, radiance and happiness all over.


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