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Graduation gift ideas

Graduation is an important phase of life. After completing the sophomore years, the young graduates step into a life that is full of challenges. Congratulate them on their achievement by gifting them with unique graduation gifts. Given below are some graduation gift ideas to help you choose.

Vacation: Before they start a new life, they deserve a vacation. If budget isn’t a constraint, you can gift them a vacation or a trip.
Some of the tourist destinations in US and around like Miami, Florida, Los Angeles, Mexican Riviera, New York, or California can offer affordable yet unique vacationing experience.

Laptop: No matter what they decide to do in future but a laptop or a computer will always help them further in their lives.
You can search for differentbrands of laptops and for different specifications. iPads, tablets and Netbooks are also good gift options as they ensure mobility.

Gift cards: Gift cards will let them buy an item of their choice at discounted rate. You can gift them gift cards of clothing stores or electronic shops, amusement parks, pizza shops or restaurants. Gift cards from, Starbucks, iTunes, Disneyland, Subway, and Walmart are quite popular and useful.

Money: If a fresh graduate needs something most importantly that is money.You can gift cash, money tree, money clip with money, wallet with money and the like. Money will help them start a new life or career.
Job essentials: You can get them a briefcase, handbag, cell phone case, Bluetooth headset, laptop bag, tie hangers, portable keyboards, business card cases, leather portfolios, laptop cooling packs, gadget chargers for car, wireless optical mouse or any such job essentials. There are both budget and personalized options available in the market. You can even shop online for the right item.
Graduation photo frame: An elegant photo frame to hold the proud moment of graduation is an ideal gift option. One can further personalize the gift by engraving the name of the graduate at the lower panel of the frame.

Gym membership: Today’s health conscious young graduates would love a gift of gym membership. This will help them stay fit during their busy and hectic work life. Encourage them towards a healthy lifestyle by gifting a gym membership.

Smartphone: A smartphone is a great option when it comes to choose a right gift for a young graduate. These phones loaded with Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and other social networking sites, music, and games are just the right choice for them.
Small refrigerator: As they would start living separately, they will eventually realize how difficult it is to manage both work and home. Help them cut their time in cooking with a small refrigerator that will let them store food.
Personalized gifts: A variety of personalized gifts are available that make great gift options for young graduates like engraved rings, engraved pocket compass, personalized coffee mugs, silver-plated purse mirror, wallet bottle opener, forever friends necklace with names of friends engraved in it, good fortune necklace and so on and so forth.
Home appliances and furniture: Microwave, toaster, coffee makers, mattress, and furniture are the few items which will help a young graduate start their new life away from their home. Whether they study or work these items will let them minimize their time in household chores and focus more on their career.

Soulful gifts: A book full of inspirational quotes, career guide, an address book containing the contact details of friends, ‘do it yourself’ book, words of encouragement bracelets, 100 good wishes candle set, 365 wishes candle set, leather jewelry box are some soulful gift ideas that will help them find encouragement and face new challenges of life.

Stock of CDs and stereo: If your graduate is going to live away from home, a pack of CDs of favorite songs and a stereo will give him/her company. You can burn the songs in a CD and write some thoughtful notes on its cover. It’ll keep them reminding about your love and support.
Fun gifts: Message T-shirts/hoodies, personalized caricature/bob-head dolls, funny refrigerator magnets or pins, funny graduation cards, alarm clock for morning impaired, decision-making pendulum, funny bathroom accessories, floating desktop globe, magnetic desktop toys, and student survival cookbooks are some good ideas of fun gifts for a graduate.


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