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Health Food Ideas

One of the greatest threats facing out generation today is Obesity. Unlike what most of us choose to believe it has absolutely zilch to do with genes and heredity. Talk to any overweight person and they will honestly tell you that all the fat that you see is what went into their system as food. Over the past decade or so, ‘Health food’ has been taking over the shelves at the supermarkets at a very fast pace, People have even started giving Health food gift baskets on the holidays. So what exactly constitutes Health food Ideas?
The most common misconception that people hold is that Health food is expensive, this is not true at all, Health Food does not only constitute the fancily packaged food that you see at the supermarkets. It is easy to create your own recipes for health food. Eat as much fresh fruit as possible, the seasonal variety if you do not wish to splurge.

Avoid all junk food, sweets, and canned foods - including all foods with added sugar: most commercial yogurts, juices, fruit and soft drinks . Avoid all refined or overly heated fats: margarine, any oil that is not cold pressed, leftover fat from cooking, all foods that contain hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats and trans fatty acids (read the labels). Such fats are considered to be among the most health damaging foods. Though it sounds like gibberish to most people, you would do well to read the labels off the food you pick up and as a rule strictly avoid anything that may contain the above listed ingredients. Instead opt for the healthier alternatives.

How To Eat Healthy
  • Chew food well (simply chew it longer) and eat at a comfortable pace. This improves digestion which already starts in the mouth while saliva gets mixed with the food. Also this helps if you are on a diet, because the slower you chew the lesser you tend to overeat. You are able to digest your food faster and this is turn stops you from overeating and also improves metabolism.

  • Always wash fruits and vegetables before consumption. This lowers the exposure to agricultural chemicals and pesticides (used to cultivate conventional plants). Peel the skin if washing is not sufficient. Remember even ‘Organic’ fruits and vegetables should be washed because they too use a degree of pesticides. Fruits should be eaten as Snacks between meals.

  • You don’t even need me to tell you this, Drink lots of Water, everyday. Water can work wonders for your metabolism besides being good for your skin and hair, and it is also essential as it replenishes what your body loses in sweat. On an average drink about 2-3 litres of water per day.

  • Unless very hungry, do not eat for 3-4 hours before bedtime. That way the nightly fast can be prolonged considerably. This helps as it gives the body a chance to concentrate on the other nightly functions that are essential to good health instead of being focused on digesting food. Also never overeat, even if it’s your absolutely favorite chili, eat only to satiate your hunger and then stop. This is one of the most useful tips to good health.

  • Explore different cuisines like Chinese Food , Japanese Food , Thai Food , Italian Food , Indian Food , Spanish Food , and French Food to incorporate the healthy benefits from them as well.