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Three Wise Men

Legend has it that at the time of Jesusí birth, the Magi also known as Three Wise Men came to Jerusalem from the East in order to pay their respects to Baby Jesus. They tracked him by following a star, and as they approached Jerusalem, Herod the evil king tried his best to get the Magi to tell him where Jesus was. However, they did not take the same route back once they met Jesus, thereby tricking Herod. The tale of the Magi is a well known one and it is said that three wise

men of the east gave loads of gifts to Baby Jesus, of which there were three, gold, frankincense and myrrh, which were especially significant and symbolic.

The Magi were the first people who worshipped Jesus and that is the primary factor why they are so significant to Christian History. Their story is very popular amongst Catholics. Epiphany, January 6th is when the visit of these three wise men is celebrated by the Catholics. There are endless examples in Christian art referring to the Magi. At first it was said that the wise men were people of power in their countries who eventually went on to become kings but these days the king theory is more popular and they are no longer referred to as astrologers.

There is no evidence in the gospel to prove that the three wise men visited Jesus on the night that he was born, as is the popular belief. In fact all evidence points to the fact that it was a few days after Jesusí birth that the three wise men were able to find him, by following the star of Bethlehem.

The very fact that Epiphany is celebrated 12 days after Christmas seems to point to the fact the there was a gap of few days between Jesusí birth and the arrival of the three wise men. It is also believed that they told Herod while they were looking for Jesus that he ought be a year old by then but that could just be them misleading Herod. Find Out everything you need to know about the three wise men and more.

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