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Spectacular Radio City Christmas Music Hall

The radio city Christmas music hall is one of the most popular entertainment sites in New York City’s Rockefeller center. The place has been given the nickname of ‘Showplace of the Nation’. The music hall was opened for the public for the first time on December 27, 1932. The first stage show performed in the music hall featured none other than Ray Bolger and Martha Graham. Unfortunately the show didn’t go on to be a success.
Then it was decided to organize a film show in the hall and the film that was selected for the purpose was ‘The Bitter Tea Of General Yen’ starring Barbara Stanwyck. Since then the theatre has been used by the women’s precision dance team by the name of ‘The Rockettes’ and for the Christmas tradition of New York by the name of ’Radio city Christmas spectacular’.

The radio city Christmas music hall has been designed by Edward Durrell Stone, while the interiors of the theatre have been done by Donald Deskey, who has made use of various kinds of material like glass, aluminum, chrome, and geometric ornamentation. The hall beasts of having 5,933 seats for the spectators and measures about 66.5 feet (20 m) deep and 144 feet (44 m) wide. The shape of the hall resembles a setting sun.

As far as the achievements of the hall are concerned, the hall has the history of hosting the MTV Video Music Awards for ten times, hosted the New York Liberty of the WNBA in the summers of the year 2004, gave space to ‘Dream Theatre’ on April 1, 2006 for their concert and also allowed the ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ for doing its first of the kind on-road show in the theater.

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