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Rich Great Christmas Tree

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Since 1947, Rich’s Great tree has been an Atlanta tradition. It is hard to imagine Christmas in Atlanta without Rich’s great tree. It is an outdoor Christmas tree, a live one and at first occupied the pride of the place outside Rich’s department store. In 1947 it was lit on thanksgiving night. The store’s toy department at that time was quiet a hit and the Christmas tree drew a lot of attention, there was a pink pig called Priscilla and another was added later on called Percival.
These went round and round the tree with the riders on them. In the 1990’s the ride was moved to the Festival trees only to be bought back to it’s original spot in Christmas 2004.

As of 2005, the tradition continued as the great tree of Macy’s. The tree is generally about 75 feet high and is decorated with hundreds and hundreds of Fancy Christmas lights, and huge beautiful Christmas ornaments that you lose count of. The topper of the tree is a huge snowflake and when we say huge, we mean huge. Its diameter is about seven feet. The tree needs to be continuously watered everyday and consumes aspirins like a gargantuan.

On Thanksgiving night, between 7:00PM to 8:00PM the lighting ceremony takes place and nothing short of an earthquake will get in the way, mild rain, snow and storms are all ignored in favor of the lighting ceremony. The ceremony is broadcasted on WSB-TV2. Many celebrities show up to sing Christmas carols and the bell choir also chimes along. At the highest note of ‘O Holy Night’, the tree is lit and remains lit every night till New Year’s Eve.

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