Prague Christmas Decorations

Prague the capital of Czech Republic, with its Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, cheery people, busy markets and the sweet jingles of the Santa's bells, is a sight to behold.

The markets in Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, Námestí Míru and Námestí Republiky are vibrantly lit and offer fabulous gift ideas in the shape of decorations, candles, fireworks, Nativity scenes, wreaths, ceramics, Christmas cards, toys and sweets. Interesting costumed characters like ‘St. Nicholas' (popularly known as Mikuláš), ‘Prince of Darkness' and ‘Angel' can be seen giving out goodies to children who had been nice and pulling the naughtier ones in the markets.

Christmas trees, the most important part of the festival, can be found in different parts of the city. The largest of these trees are at Town Square and Prague Castle. Also here you can find both the amateur and professional Christmas singers singing different Christmas songs.

The cheerful spirit is marked with exhibitions, concerts, music festivals and various special programs. The bars and restaurants are packed with people thoroughly enjoying the Yuletide spirit by singing, dancing, and savoring the delicious bites of food.

For the people of Prague, it is a holiday season that's basked in the love and warmth of their near and dear ones. Join in the merriment at Prague and have a memorable time this Christmas. We are definitely sure that you would want to come back again.

Christmas Decorations