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The best collection of Free Christmas plays can undoubtedly be found in ‘Christmas on Stage - An Anthology of Royalty-Free Christmas Plays for All Ages’. In this book you’ll find free plays for all ages starting from pre-schoolers upwards to adults. These plays are well written and easy to direct. They are also divided in traditional and contemporary plays so that you can take your pick according to what ever is more appropriate. Take a look at some great Christmas plays.
Butterfinger’s Angel
This play is by William Gibson and believe it or not the full title of the play is “The Butterfingers Angel, Mary & Joseph, Herod the Nut & the Slaughter of 12 Hit Carols in a Pear Tree”. This story veers away from the traditional tale and depicts how Mary is unwilling to have a child as she has alternate plans. The task of convincing her falls to the Butterfinger angel and boy, it's no easy task. The play is a true Christmas comedy with lots of laughter and good-natured humor. The Butterfinger angel’s character is truly unique. The play end on an introspective note that asserts to people the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Presence
Heard of Christmas presents that talk? Well, here is a play about them. Each present is of the view that he or she is the best present in the world that anybody could give or receive. The comedy is rather heart warming with its final message about how Jesus is the best present ever and none of them can ever compete with him. This play - even though the concept sounds "child-like" (dressing up as presents)- is for older teens and/or adults and really has a good lesson about Jesus being the true meaning of Christmas. As the Christmas scripture is read, you may want to bring in a nativity scene to ensure participation by the smaller children.

A Contemporary Christmas Carol
A new take on the classic Dickens tale! Eddie Scrooge is 17 years old.A Christmas carol play is an adaptation of Charles Dicken's famous novel by the same name. The play has, over the last few decades, been performed innumerable times and continues to be one of the most loved Christmas plays ever. Charles Dicken's through this powerful story conveyed to the masses, during industrial revolution in England, the urgent need to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. The play revolves around developing a Christian spirit and helping those less privileged than us.

A Heartfelt Christmas
In this simple story of a heartbroken little girl, searching for her lost hamsters, we see the “heart” of God who came to Earth to rescue His beloved people. This play is a “storyline” only. It provides a context into which any number of Christmas songs will fit. Create an unforgettable family holiday memory that looks at the why behind Christmas. The story of God’s search for His people is told in a way that will communicate to young and old alike as we celebrate the miracle of Christmas.

A King is Born – This is a sequel to "Worthy is the Lamb".In ‘Worthy is the Lamb'; we saw how Hugh and Justina fell in love with one another. Now they are married in ‘A king is born' and are expecting a child around Christmas time. The background against which this play is set is England in the mid-1200's during the Baron's revolt.

At the same time that Justina is due to give birth, the couple is forced to flee their homes. Through this ordeal, they get an insight into what Mother Mary and Joseph must have gone through and are thankful to God for providing for those who trust in him.
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