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Christmas Tree Gifts

A Christmas tree is one of the most popular traditions associated with the celebration of the Christmas Festival. It is usually an evergreen coniferous tree which is decorated with Christmas lights and other ornaments, as the Christmas festival approaches. Traditionally Christmas tress were decorated and put up on Christmas Eve (24th December) and taken off the day after the 12th night (6th January). Commercialization of the festival has resulted in Christmas trees being set up as early as October in malls and shops, whereas in private homes in America, they are set up right after Thanksgiving (4th Tuesday in November) and taken off right after New Year.

History Of Christmas Trees
The Christmas tree is often explained as an attempt of Christianizing a pagan tradition of renewal of life. However, the modern custom cannot be proven to have descended from a pagan custom. The city of Riga in Latvia is said to be the home of the first holiday tree and the same is proudly proclaimed by an octagonal plaque in the Town Square which reads, “The first New Year’s Tree in Riga in 1510”, in eight different languages.

There are various cities in the United States that claim to have been home to the country’s first Christmas tree.
Windsor Locks in Connecticut proclaims that in 1777 a Hessian soldier imprisoned in the Noden-Reed House put up a Christmas tree there. They thus claim to be the home of the first Christmas tree in New England. Easton in Pennsylvania claim that German settlers in 1816 set up ‘The First Christmas Tree in America' there.

Different Types Of Christmas Trees
The best type of species if the Fir, primarily because the needles do not shed when it dries out and the color and scent of the tree is most authentic. However that is not to say that other species are not used. Several other species like the Virginia Pine and Leyland Cypress too are rather popular. Almost all Christmas trees in the United States are grown on Christmas tree farms where they are grown for 10 years and the cut off, as new one’s are replanted for the next 10 year cycle.

In the US, Artificial Christmas trees are also very popular despite their lack of realism and absence of scent. However, since they can be dismantled after use and kept away for the next year, they are considered more convenient and less expensive than the real trees. Many Landlords do not permit their tenants to keep real trees because they pose as a fire hazard when dry, therefore most people have to resort to Artificial Christmas trees.

Christmas Tree Decoration
Traditionally Christmas trees are decorated using Christmas lights, trinkets and gifts that are small enough to be hung on the tree. Stockings too are hung on the tree and the larger gifts are placed on the mat or under the Christmas tree skirt.

Each year in Washington D.C., south of the White House, The United States' National Christmas Tree is lit. At the White House, the lighting of the National Christmas Tree has gone on to become a major holiday event. In 1979, President Jimmy Carter, in honor of those Americans who were held as hostage s in Iran , lit only the star crowning the top of the Christmas tree . In 1980, the National Christmas tree was only fully lit for 417 seconds, one second for each day the hostages had been in captivity. Some famous Christmas trees are the Rich's Great Tree in Atlanta, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in New York City and the large Christmas tree at Victoria Square in Adelaide.

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