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Christmas Markets

Many towns and cities in Europe have the tradition of setting up delightful Christmas markets sometime around Advent, the fourth Sunday before Christmas and goes on till New Year’s Day. These Christmas markets are a great festive occasion as they not only remind everyone that Christmas is drawing near but also create a joyous atmosphere. In many ways, they give an insight to what Christmas would have been like many years ago. All those vendors sprawled over cobblestones selling fresh wares is enough to take one back to the more joyous events of the Middle Ages.
These Christmas markets are almost always organized in a large open space which is a pedestrian zone, like the public town squares in German and Spanish towns and cities. Fresh food and beverages are displayed in a traditional manner and there is much pomp and pageantry about the whole affair. They are also wonderful places to pick up bargain deals on Christmas gifts. With a little patience, you are sure to stumble upon a jewel of an item which will be much appreciated.

These Christmas markets are also known to follow Christmas traditions, and therefore you will always find them decorated in a traditional manner incorporating the cultural influence of the region. There are sometimes opening ceremonies and other rituals as well. Over the years, some of the markets have gathered so much attention that they have become tourist spots in their own right. Learn more about these Christmas Markets. Who knows, you may want to visit one after reading about them.

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