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Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights, also known as Fairy lights are strands of electrically charged lights that are used to decorate homes, public places and Christmas trees during the Christmas season. They come in a wide array of colors, shapes and sizes and make for a wonderful spread of heavenly twinkling lights almost as if they were stars.
History of Christmas Lights
The first creator of Christmas lights was Edward H. Johnson, an associate of inventor Thomas Edison. On December 22, 1882 he proudly displayed his Christmas tree which was decorated with red, blue and white lights that were about the same size as a walnut. The trends caught on and Johnson became the father of Electric Christmas lights. In 1895, U.S. President Grover Cleveland sponsored the first electrically lit Christmas tree in the White House. The Christmas tree in question was enormous with hundreds of little multicolored lights.

The first commercially produced Christmas lights were manufactured by General Electric (GE). Over a period of time, Christmas lights came to be used for purposes other than decorating the Christmas tree. For instance, they are now used along roofs, and rafters, above mantles and doorways and off late they have also been seen illuminating skyscrapers with unsurpassed radiance during Christmas.

Types of Christmas Lights
These days of course, Different technologies are used for Christmas lights. Incandescent light bulbs and LED's are the most popular and commonly used technologies. Fiber optic technology is making quiet a headway into the Christmas lights industry and are generally used to light artificial Christmas trees. Battery Operated Christmas Lights too have gained popularity. These Christmas lights also come in different sizes but its best to but the tiny versions and the rule of the thumb while using Christmas lights as a decoration is to place 200-300 small lights per foot.

Outdoor Displays Of Christmas Lights
A group of cities in Northwest Louisiana and Northeast Texas have gotten together to form The Holiday Trail Of Lights. Six cities participate in the Trail, three in Louisiana and three in East Texas.
The Wonderland of Lights in Marshall is one of the largest outdoor Christmas decorations in the US and attracts tourists both from the US and other countries. In 1927, one of the oldest light shows in the United States, The Festival of Lights and Christmas festival in Natchitoches was started.

These cities, which are all incidentally within one hour driving distance of each other, are renowned for what they call ‘Southern hospitality', and also for the lovely parades they hold every holiday.

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