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Christmas Church Plays

Christmas Church plays are the plays, which are performed in the Church during Christmas. They are generally organized by the Church youth group and are performed during the week leading up to Christmas. Previously the majority of these plays were inspired by stories from the Bible and recreating the nativity was the most popular choice of all. But with increasing technological aid the plays have adapted themselves to depicting stories in the modern world, though the message remains the same. Take a look at some of the most popular Christmas church plays.
The Perfect Fit
God knows where our giving goes even if we may not. The play depicts this through the tale of one's family whose faithful giving helps out another family in need. Another sensitive part of the play is when children from a rather well off Christian family learn to be grateful for what they have when they realize how fortunate they are after getting stuck in an elevator with a poor mother and daughter. The play carries the strong message of how we must learn to give and receive gracefully and should be ever ready to receive God's greatest gift, his Son Jesus Christ.

The Magi-: A Journey Of Faith
A story of the Magi's journey to Bethlehem to worship the promised King of the Jews. On their journey the Magi run into physical and spiritual trials. They learn about walking by faith as the star is obscured from their sight for a number of days. Upon arriving in Jerusalem they find a people ignorant of the birth of their Messiah and a king that is cunning, cruel and crazed. The play drives home to us the message that we ought to be like the wise men and seek God instead of being caught in unnecessary illusions like the nasty Herod.

Gift Of The Magi
For years now ‘The Gift of Magi' has been a well-loved holiday saga. O' Henry's timeless saga tells the tale of newlyweds Jim and Della who have their entire lives to look forward to. We are introduced to both the characters and their passion, and very soon it's Christmas. Jim and Della would like nothing better than to buy something for one another but since they don't have any money, they both sell their most valuable possessions. With the money they buy the best gift that they can think of for one another. It is a wonderful depiction of the bittersweet irony of love and the joys of Christmas.

The play presents a chance to create a blend of a contemporary tale with traditional Christmas music. It’s ten days before Christmas, and 15-year-old Alex Norton is struggling. He’s always loved Christmas, but the shine has left his favorite holiday.

To him Christmas is just a commercialized festival enjoyed by the materialistic huggers. He wonders what possible message this festival could carry and if there's one how is he to ever find it. He is convinced to participate, albeit reluctantly, in Project Christmas where members of his church are preparing items for the homeless. He meets Angela who is homeless and she finally convinces him that a change can be brought about by constantly moving towards making this world a better place. This play can really touch the heartstring and make the ‘scroogiest' of man want to break out into ‘we wish you a merry Christmas.

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