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Christmas Cake

Christmas Cakes have come to be an intrinsic part of our traditional Christmas dinners. In fact these days, there are so many different kinds of Christmas cakes that it would be impossible to pin down just which one is the best. Most people follow the recipe of the traditional Christmas cake which includes assorted nuts, fruits, brandy, and apricot Jam.
The delicious Scottish Christmas cake by the name of the Whisky Dundee is considered to be the most popular of all the different varieties of Christmas cakes. The cake is known to be originated in Dundee and is made with the help of Scotch whisky. The Christmas cake is a favorite among those people who are not big fans of rich and damp cakes and the best part of these cakes is that like fruitcakes, people can omit almonds from the recipe of the cake.

History Of Christmas Cakes
Christmas Cakes were considered something of a luxury in Victorian England. Only the Royal house and the rich merchants could afford to have them made as the rest of the population couldn’t afford the sumptuous delight. Everybody else laced their stomachs with a pudding.

The origin of the Christmas cake can be attributed to two customs, which were made one around the year 1870 in Victorian Europe. Earlier only a kind of porridge existed and then there came a fine cake, which was prepared with the help of, milled white flour which was baked in green houses as people didn't have the privilege of using ovens in the 14 th century. Then there was a fine cake made with the finest milled wheat flour, this was baked only in the Great Houses, as not many people had ovens back in the 14th century.

Many people started preparing the boiled fruitcakes for the purpose of sending them to their family members residing in the parts of the new world colonies like Australia, Canada, etc. These boiled cakes were much better than the baked cakes and in 19 th century it used to take numerous days for the cakes to be delivered to other parts of the world. The cakes were delivered to the parts of the world as parts of the Christmas hampers containing food items or gifts.

People from the ‘Old country' from all the parts of Europe were sending cakes to their family members, relatives and friends in America. The situation changed in the year 1890's with a German immigrant opening a cake bakery in a town from where the Americans started sending the cakes to their acquaintances residing in other parts of Europe. These cakes were made with the help of different fruits grown in America. This Christmas cake has now gained much popularity all over the world.

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